About us

We have many hopes and aims for this site, but they can summarised with the phrase that we are aiming to make the world a better and fairer place for all. We want to provide ideas, advice and good resources to help deal with some of the world's most pressing issues, such as climate change, pollution, poverty and social injustice. Some of us are lucky enough to live in a wealthy, clean, healthy, educated, sanitised environment. Much of the world still is not. This site is therefore about showing how we can all do our bit to bring about more equality and better standards of living for all as well as contribute to cleaning up our environments and conserving the beauty of our world..

What we hope to achieve

There are many practices that are polluting our world and that threaten not just our way of living and the future of our children, but that threaten many other species , whose habitats and existence are affected by some of our ill-considered actions. This site is about helping to make the world a more sustainable place not only with regard to our future and that of future generations , but also in protecting species threatened with extinction as a result of present human behaviour.

There are many issues also that go on in the world which perhaps need to be in the public spotlight and also which occasionally become newsworthy, but then disappear into the ether of time. This site is about helping to ensure that such issues are not forgotten and remain in the public eye.

We believe that as it stands at present the world is an inherently unfair place and one that still disregards important environments. In today's world there should not be a place for poverty; there should not be a place for environmental degradation and damage; there should not be a place for repression; and there is much more we could add to this list unfortunately. The site works on the principle that we are all equal, and aims to provide methods by which we can all in reality be more equal than we are at present. It also aims to make us all more aware of important global issues, through education about various issues and advice about action that we can take as individuals, groups, and movements. There is a lot of good in the world and we hope to bring this together in order to make the world a better place for all. There is much to do, but with time it can and will be done.