Actions you can take to bring about a better world

To the right of this page there are links to categorised sections that will explain what you can do to make a positive difference to your world. Each section contains lots of useful advice and tips about the little things you can do to make that difference, plus also, some of the bigger things that perhaps require a little more effort on your part. The 'what can you do about' sections are listed by issue so that each important issue has its own set of specific actions which are designed to help make the world (your world!) a better place. Please do take a little time to read through these lists and think about what you already do and what extra things you could be doing. Every extra action you take, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem to you, is so important in improving the issues affecting us today. Clearly the more of us who do what we can to make a difference the greater the overall affect.

We hope that these sections will inspire you to take action and hopefully you will have some of your own ideas too. If you feel there is anything that we could adde to any of our sections, please do not hesitate to send us your ideas, so that the site can be updated and more people can take on your suggestion. Thanks for reading.

Actions to help prevent Climate Change and Global Warming

There is a section on the little things that you can do to help reduce your impact on the world relating to the causes of global warming and climate change, which are, essentially, inter-related issues. The general scientific consensus is that the gradual rise in average global temperatures (referred to as Global Warming) is at least partly caused by anthropogenic (man-made) emissions. It is global warming which then goes on to cause possible climate change over a longer period of time, where we observe a notable change in the weather patterns we experience. There are many things we can already do to help mitigate global warming and we detail these as actions to help stop global warming.

Ideas to help to Reduce Pollution

Our second section details a number of simple measures and ideas which you can take to reduce the pollution you create as a consumer, and also the pollution we produce as a society. Pollution can have many adverse environmental and social effects so we thought it very important to create a section showing how we can help to stop pollution. Pollution is not just about smelly car exhausts, or gases produced by power stations. It can encompass a wide range of areas and, perhaps one relatively easy area that we can all still improve on in some way, is in the amount of household rubbish we produce every week and the amount of recycling that we do. Our comprehensive recycling guide helps to show you what can recycle and gives you lots of useful ideas and websites explaining how and where you can recycle almost anything (and it's amazing just how much can be recycled!).

Actions to Alleviate and Stop Poverty

There is a very important third section which shows what you can do to help reduce poverty and inequality in our world. Unfortunately starvation, hunger, famine, and lack of basic health and education are problems that occur far too frequently in our world, and are generally a result of extreme poverty. It really is time these were eradicated from our era, because they are an embarrassment to our society as a whole, that we allow them to persist, it really can be very inhumane of us all. We are in the 21st century now aren't we?! So let's start to take action and help to stop poverty.

Further sections will be added to the site as it progresses so please feel free to make contributions. There will also be a forum to discuss these actions and the related issues. Please pass on these ideas to your friends and family so that they can also do whatever they are able to.

If each individual who reads these pages goes on to make a small contribution, he or she will ultimately be contributing to a big change as we all work together with the common aim of making the world a better place. Most people will probably not be able to do everything suggested on these pages for different reasons, be it availability, choice or cost, but if everyone does all that they can do, they will all help to make a positive difference.

Just one more thing

I would like to make one just more point here. I am not saying you must do this and you must not do that. We are all equals as human beings and share responsibility. What I am trying to do here is merely give you the information to make informed choices and decisions and, although I probably personally endorse all of the recommended actions, I know that others will have different ideas and opinions. I really do hope that you will be inspired to take as much action as you can. Quite simply at stake is your future, the future of our children and generations beyond them, and the future of all the beautiful living things that we are lucky to enjoy in the world. We can all be responsible enough in our lives to ensure that these futures are not threatened and ensure that the world becomes a more sustainable, clean and fairer place for us all to enjoy. Thank you for reading. Your comments are always welcome.