Buy a Tree Online

Good for your home environment

We absolutely love trees here at Ecoants! They create wonderful, calm and attractive environments at home in your garden and conservatory, they give you cooling shade in the summer, and they absorb carbon dioxide which we all produce in some way or other! The best thing about trees is that there is so much variety with fruit trees, beautiful native trees such as the Oak, topiary trees, exotic trees, and the colourful cherry trees.

We also love the idea that you can buy a tree online and get it delivered safely to your home. We have listed below some trees that make wonderful additions to your home, or as gifts for somebody's birthday or anniversary, that you can purchase online.

If you are looking to offset your carbon emissions through tree planting programmes then we recommend you visit our page about carbon offset schemes.

Citrus Trees

Lemon Tree

lemon tree

This zesty lemon tree can bear fruit several times a year if the tree care guide is followed carefully. It is ideally located in a conservatory and can be placed on a garden patio in the sunshine during the warmer summer months. The tree prefers sunny or partially sunny locations and a dryer, loamy soil. The lemon tree matures at a height of around 1m and is evergreen. Care should be taken as lemon trees have thorns!
 Buy a lemon tree  at tree2mydoor.

If you prefer limes then you can buy a lime tree instead.

Orange Tree

orange tree

Orange trees have a wonderful smell and when in fruit a fabulous colour. The trees supplied here can give fruit up to four times a year and are evergreen. An orange tree likes a sunny location and a dry, loamy soil. It does need to be looked after and the instructions followed on the care guide supplied. Best placed in a conservatory or on a sunny patio or balcony. Tree supplied is about 50cm tall.
 Buy an orange tree  at tree2mydoor.

Native Trees to UK

The Oak Tree

Oak Tree

The Oak tree is one of the most famous trees from an English landscape and can grow for hundreds of years to a large size with a gorgeous crown. When you buy this tree it is supplied to you between 20cm and 50cm tall. The Oak tree prefers a location which is sunny or at least partially sunny and favours a loamy soil. The tree arrives with a care guide to help you grow your young tree into a fabulous mature Oak.
 Buy an Oak tree  at Tree2mydoor.