Which sites Buy Back Books and Textbooks?

We all have books sitting at home on the shelf, in boxes, stored away in a hidden corner of the house, which we can't quite throw away, but which we are unlikely to use again. It isn't really a good idea to throw away perfectly readable books, especially when there are many who are looking for access to good books and textbooks to read, or students who are looking to save money on cheaper used textbooks. You have many options what to do with your books, but if they are in good condition you may like the idea of selling them to a site which will buy back your books and textbooks.

US site (USA only) BetterWorldBooks is a social enterprise that will give you a quote for your used books and textbooks that are in a good condition. To find out how much any used book may be worth you just have to enter the book's ISBN and then you will receive a quote for your book. If the buy back price for your books is over $5 the site then provides you with a shipping label to print out giving free shipping for you to send your book to them. You must send your books to the site promptly in order to receive your payment, which the site offers by gift certificate or paypal. If you are not interested in receiving any payment, you can donate books directly to BetterWorldBooks and they will then use them or sell them on, thereby helping to fund the literacy projects they support around the world.

The site stipulates that they will never throw away a book and if they cannot sell it on or forward it for use somewhere else, they will ultimately recycle it, so there is no waste.

UK site (UK Site) UK residents can sell their used books and textbooks which are in good condition with Abebooks who will buy back many book titles. Once again if you enter the ISBN of the book you are offering to Abebooks to buy back they will inform you how much you could receive for that book. If you wish to go ahead with the transaction the site will provide you with a prepaid shipping label and you need to send your used books to the business promptly. Upon satisfactorily verifying the condition of the books Abebooks will send you payment by either cheque or paypal.

Reusing and recycling your unwanted books in other ways

If you are not interested in selling your books on then there are many ways you can ensure your books get read and used again.

Buying used books and textbooks

If you are interested in buying used books or textbooks in good condition, usually at cheaper prices than buying them brand new, please read our page buy used books.