How do I buy used books and improve literacy?

Better World Books are a global online book retailer based in the USA with a massive library of books covering all genres. They are a social venture which donates a proportion of their profits from their book sales to fund high impact literacy projects around the world through a number of literacy charities and partners. They also send used books out across the world through their literacy partners to help stock libraries where books are most needed.

We particularly like this site because they encourage re-use of used books (they never throw a book away) through sale, donation or recycling, which means no books they handle end up wasted in landfill sites. They also help to fund very important literacy projects around the world, thereby helping to improve world literacy levels, which is one crucial factor in helping to reduce poverty and improve education and learning around the world. Finally, they have a huge library of new and used books which are shipped domestically and internationally free of charge, which is a great incentive to buy used books from them.

UK site
If you live in the UK you should use this link to take you to the UK better world books site where you can buy books in Pounds Sterling.

US site
If you live in the USA or elsewhere you should use this link to take you to the international better world books site where you can buy books in US$. Payments by paypal accepted.

Where can I recycle my used books?

To find out more about recycling or selling your used books please refer to our page detailing sites which buy back books.

Other Ethical Sites that may interest you

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