Offset your Carbon Emissions

Whilst we may do as much as we can trying to reduce our personal or business-related carbon dioxide emissions, such as those ideas listed in our fight climate change Go Eco! guide, there are always going to be some areas where we will find it tough to reduce our carbon emissions. Perhaps we have essential car or vehicle usage which is unavoidable, or maybe we are restricted as to how much we can insulate or reduce the carbon-emitting energy usage in our homes and businesses. This is where carbon offset schemes come in and give us the chance to pay to offset such carbon emissions and even give us the chance to become carbon neutral!

We aim to list and review where possible, carbon offsetting opportunities for both the indivual and the business, which we believe offer genuine attempts to neutralise excessive carbon dioxide emissions. Now obviously such schemes are not usually free, but by participating in such schemes, you will certainly be taking valuable action in the fight against climate change and also reducing unnecessary pollution in our world. You will also be helping to improve local environments through some of the schemes and it is certainly something you can proudly shout about as an individual or promote yourself as a carbon neutral business.

We have also listed much simpler actions that you could take from a personal perspective, such as buy your own trees and plant them. Everything helps to offset your own carbon emissions. If you have any of your own ideas please let us know.

Carbon Offset Schemes

Carbon Advice Group

Find out how to reduce your carbon footprint

The Carbon Advice Group will calculate your carbon emissions and then give you the opportunity to select a scheme through which you will offset them. Ecoants has teamed up with this particular business to promote the idea of carbon offsetting and encourage those who cannot significantly reduce their carbon emissions to offset them through a carbon offset scheme such as this. The organisation helps to neutralise carbon footprints by investing in afforestation and reforestation projects, by promoting and investing in renewable energy projects such as wind and solar power, and it also aims to work with energy efficiency projects in various communities. With this site you can choose to offset carbon emissions your home, car, flights, and business.

Carbon Forestry

Carbon Forestry appears to be an exciting carbon offset scheme based in the UK. They help you to calculate your carbon footprint and then inform you how much you could pay, monthly or yearly, to offset those carbon emissions. Your money is then used to create natural and sustainable woodland in the UK, where there is presently a notable lack of such beautiful and natural woodlands. If you are a business you can use the organisations kite mark and certificate to promote your business and its carbon offsetting activities.

What you can personally do to offset your own carbon emissions

Take one or some of the small actions below to help offset your own carbon emissions from your everyday life.

Make a donation to preserve our rainforests

We are still losing our incredible rainforests at an alarming rate and we need to do all we can, whatever we can, to arrest this destruction. The rainforests absorb a huge amount of carbon each year and their preservation is vital to the planet. World Land Trust is an international conservation charity, one of whose patrons is Sir David Attenborough, which works to preserve the world's most biologically important and threatened lands. By making donations to this charity you can help contribute to saving acres of rainforest and other important threatened wildlife habitats, and by doing so, help to ensure these environments will continue to absorb our carbon emissions.
Make a donation to World Land Trust.

Plant a tree or two

Quite simply, the more trees you plant in your garden or in a family member's garden, the more carbon will be absorbed from the atmosphere, thereby reducing your own personal carbon footprint. If you can't get to a garden centre, or you like the idea of being able to order a tree online, then why not have a look at our page dedicated to buying a tree online.

Even if you decide not to get one for yourself, trees can make fantastic alternative gifts for all occasions and can provide a long-lasting memory to remember an important event, or celebrate a birthday, wedding, or anniversary. Find out which trees you can buy online.

Do you know of other schemes?

If you want to, you can also suggest to us other credible carbon offset schemes using the very simple contact us form.