Composting Bins and accessories for composting household waste

There are a variety of composting bins available today which reflects their increasing popularity. We cannot review every bin but the aim of this page is to provide a few pointers to what we consider appear to be some of the better composting bin options. We have also included a few accessories that will help you to make better compost for your garden and make it more quickly!

Composting Bins

Blacwall compost converterThe Blackwall compost converter is another popular and inexpensive way to compost your organic household waste. It's sturdy design is made from recycled plastic and is available in black or green. It is also available in two sizes - 330 or 220 litres.
This composter features a windproof lid to stop the contents blowing away and a good sized hatch for ease of access to your finished composted material.
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Rota composterThe Rota Composter is a convenient and efficient 198 litre composter for your garden. It has a tough design using robust plastic and includes built-in churning paddles which break down and mix the contents for faster, efficient composting, as well as adjustable air vents to give you more control. This rotating composter has two chambers so you can fill one side with fresh garden materials while leaving the other side to mature. You can [Purchase it here]

wooden beehive composterThe Beehive Composter is an attractive addition to your garden designed to look natural and pleasantly fit in with its surroundings.
This wooden composter has a hinged top for easy placement of your organic household and garden waste and a bottom door for simple removal of your compost, ready for use on your garden.
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tumbleweed compost binThe Tumbleweed compost bin is a popular composter with a 220 litre capacity and is designed to help aerate your composting waste optimumly. It features a ventilated lid at both ends which helps to ensure that the compost gets properly aerated, and also means that it's easy to fill and empty. It is built to be durable and includes features which help you to mix and aerate your compost thoroughly and result in a rich compost mix in a shorter space of time.
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Composting Bin Accessories

Your composting bin might sometimes need a bit of encouragement to compost all the organic waste you are feeding it. It certainly needs air so you should ensure that it has a good supply of that. It also needs a sufficient amount of moisture to speed up the whole composting process. Listed below are some accessories and products that could help your composter to rot your waste more quickly and provide you with good quality compost.

The compost aerator is a very simple device designed to increase the circulation of air in your compost. By doing so you will ensure that the compost-making process is quicker. You can [Buy it here]

This packet of compost accelerator contains natural microbes and enzymes designed to speed up the whole process of composting. There are five sachets of non-toxic material which is mixed with water before being added to your compost. You can [Buy it here]