Buy an Eco Bag

Eco Bags are good for the environment

We have reviewed some great looking eco bags here, all of which help to reduce man's impact on his environment as they are produced using more sustainable practices and materials. The hemp bags use the hemp plant which produces strong fibres to make sturdy products. The hemp plant is a more sustainable method of producing bags and clothes as it does not require the use of artifical pesticides and herbicides, and needs little, if any, fertilizer use compared to traditional clothing and bag materials, such as cotton. Hemp plants are often used as a rotational crop in organic and sustainable farming as the hemp plant suppresses weed growth and helps improve soil structure due to it's root system.

Eco Bag 1: Hemp Clinch Closure Rucksack

an eco bag - hemp clinch rucksack

This attractively designed and practical hemp rucksack features a clinch closure to secure the bag and your belongings. It comes in various colour options. This bag is ideal for everyday use whether you use it for carrying books and pens or use it for your gym kit. It is a multifunctional eco bag which looks great. Find out more...

Eco Bag 2: Hemp Buckle Rucksack

an eco bag - hemp buckle rucksack

This comfortable rucksack is perfect for outdoor and general use and is available is several different colours. It has adjustable shoulder straps and magnetic locks under leather buckle straps to help secure your things. It has a single front pocket as shown. The main area of the baackpack is large enough to secure A4 size folders. Find out more about this eco rucksack...

Eco Bag 3: Hemp Indica Laptop Bag

an eco bag - hemp indica laptop bag

This eco bag can hold a laptop with screen size up to 17 inches as well as important papers and documents. It includes a number of compartments to store your accessories and is padded to help protect your laptop. It is convertible too from the laptop bag style shown to a backpack carry bag. Also available in black and other sizes to accommodate different size laptops. Discover more about this laptop bag...

Eco Bag 4: Large Hemp Shopper Bag

an eco bag - large hemp shopper bag

This attractive and spacey shopper bag is a fabulous accessory which can also double as a gym bag or overnight bag. It has nice detail, such as leather trimmings and zip fastenings as shown and can be bought in one of an array of seven different colours. Clcik here for more information, images and colours...

All of the bags listed are both attractively designed and eco friendly, and if you buy one of these rather than a more conventional bag, you will have a stylish bag which you know has been produced in a more environmentally friendly way.
The bags listed on this page are featured on the eco friendly Sativa Bags website.