Eco Banks and Ethical banking

If you want to make a small statement about who manages your finances (and what they do with the profits they make from your investments) then this page is for you. It is aimed at listing those banks who pledge to invest their funds in more sustainable ways and where their actions hopefully prove this.

The Co-operative Bank

Has been following an ethical policy for 15 years. Has a stated customer-led ethical policy. Lists a number of positive actions that it takes which lead to a betterment in the world. Please refer to their website for further more detailed information. It makes interesting reading.


This is an internet bank which is actually a part of the co-operative group so it too has a customer-led ethical policy.

If you are able to suggest an ethical bank for inclusion here, please use the very simple contact us form.

Or...If you are an ethical bank and are seeking to be listed here please refer to our short guidelines and then contact us.

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