Eco friendly gift ideas

Good for the environment

The selected eco friendly gifts listed below are each beneficial to the environment in some way and by buying these you can have a positive impact on the future of our world by helping to reduce pollution and giving everyone a more sustainable future.

Powerful solar charger

eco friendly solar charger

A nicely designed, white, powerful solar charger for your iPod and mobile phone. Fantastic because you can recharge anywhere using direct sunlight and avoid the frustration of having no power in your mobile phone or iPod. Also compatible with other gadgets. A great gift!

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Check out this website ( which lists other solar powered chargers for your mobile phones and gadgets.

Buy a Tree as a Gift

Oak Tree

This is an eco friendly gift that should be long lasting and beautiful to look at and watch as it grows. It is such a simply wonderful idea, giving someone a native Oak or Beech tree, or perhaps a fruit tree, that could record an important event or celebrate a birthday, wedding or anniversary. You can choose between many different varieties and the trees are carefully delivered to your door with a care guide to help ensure the tree is placed in the best location to help it thrive. You couldn't get a more natural and eco friendly gift than a beautiful young tree! You can find out more about buying a tree online here, or you can...
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Water powered multi function clock

water-powered multi function clock

This device is powered by a water battery which only needs to be filled up every two or three months. It has several functions (time, alarm, timer and temperature) which are each available just by rotating the clock by a 90° turn. It has a really unique and pleasant design and would make an excellent eco friendly gift.

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Solar powered travel shaver

solar powered shaver

This is an excellent travelling companion. It is recharged by sunlight and thus saves energy and is very convenient for those lifestyles that involve travel to far flung and remote places!

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Ventus Spin Eco friendly media player

eco media player

This is a wind up eco media player which will play all your video, mp3 and other music files. One minute of winding up gives you about 45 minutes of play time and at full charge this device can play for up to 55 hours. No more time to waste trying to find somewhere to recharge your mp3 player, plus winding it up saves energy too. Great for the beach or on the move. This model has 4Gb storage (with an SD card slot for expansion) and includes a built in flashlight.

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Solar powered Sun Jar light

eco friendly orange sun jar - powered by the sun

This is the eco friendly sun jar, powered by a battery which is recharged by sunlight. There are no switches, it automatically senses when it needs to be on. It has a nice warm ambience and would make a fantastic eco gift. Available in orange, pink or blue.

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There are some great eco friendly gift ideas on this page. All will save energy because they avoid the use of electricity and will thus help reduce carbon dioxide emissions.