Eco friendly shopping for you and your home

In order to help in our aim to give the world a more sustainable future for our children to enjoy it just as we do, it is important that we seek to buy eco friendly products and shop at retailers who source these. These products are made in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way so as not to damage our future or the future of the planet on which we live. Such products can include low-energy lights and other devices, or electrical products that produce there own power by utilising solar power for example, or house, home and lifestyle products that have been made in such a way as to not harm the environment today nor harm it in the future. Please refer below for some of the best eco friendly and environmentally friendly shops. Please use them wherever possible and make a positive difference to our world.

Ethical Superstore the UK's leading fair trade and organic online shop

A popular online ethical retailer based in the UK selling a good range of eco-friendly and fair trade products. It also offers carbon offset delivery - check site for further details. UK only.

EcoCentric - the home of eco chic

Ecocentric - is a leading eco shop selling attractively designed eco homewares, paints, gifts and other eco products for you and your home.

Nigel's eco store - stocks a very large range of eco friendly lifestyle and household products for the office, for children and for you. This attractive environmentally friendly website delivers to most of Europe at present.

pneu bags

Pneu Bags is a super little site which designs and produces its own unique bags using recyled rubber inner tubes. Some of the resultant bag products are fantastic to look at and would make wonderfully original gifts.

Buy Buy Bicycles

- don't drive to work (reducing your carbon emissions and pollution), avoid crowded public transport and get fit! This site offers commuters and cyclists affordable, practical and stylish mountain bikes and great folding bikes that are easy to fold. These folding bikes all come with a free carry case.

Sativa Bags

- sell a very large range of environmentally friendly hemp based products, such as bags, clothing, home accessories and much more. Worldwide delivery, online tracking and a number of payment options.

Simply Fair

Another very good ethical online retailer that sells a good range of sustainable, environmentally-friendly products for you and your home. You can order online, by post, by telephone, or by fax, and with various payment options.

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