Buy an Eco Kettle

Good for the environment

Take an important step in making your home more energy efficient and buy one of the following eco friendly kettles which help to ensure that you only boil the water you need for your hot drinks. This saves energy use in your home, which will save you money and help reduce carbon emissions. By using less electricity in your home, you will be helping to make a positive impact against global warming.

eco friendly energy saving kettle

This popular energy saving kettle is designed to allow you to only boil the water you need for the number of cups of hot drinks you wish to make. It is an efficient kettle that saves you energy by indicating on its panel how many cups of water you are boiling, which is a simple and effective way to ensure you only boil what you need.

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an energy efficient eco kettle

This fantastic eco kettle has two compartments, one which stores the water and the other which boils it. You release cupfuls of water from the storage compartment into the boiling chamber and in that way carefully control exactly what you boil. You will find it boils quickly too, because there is less water to boil. Available in white or an attractive chrome as displayed aside.
[Recommended by the Energy Saving Trust]

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Tefal energy efficient water heater

The Tefal Quick Cup Hot Water Dispenser can produce a cup of hot water in just 3 seconds! It has a unique heating mechanism ensuring that only the required amount of water is used, saving energy and ultimately saving you money. It also uses a filter which removes impurities from your water so you can drink it cold too.
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Think how many times a day or week you boil your kettle!? Now you can do it energy efficiently with one of these eco friendly kettles! As well as saving you money because you will be using less electricity, these kettles will reduce your carbon emissions (as less fossil fuels will be burned to produce the energy for your home) and help you make your positive contribution to reducing the threat of damaging climate change. If you encourage your family and friends to buy one of these kettles too then the overall contribution will be even better and we will be one step forward in making the world a better place with a more sustainable future.