Useful Eco-links

This page contains useful links to other environmentally friendly websites and sites whose aims are in tune with ours.

Environmental Issues: Non-Governmental Organisations/Charities

Greenpeace International  - A leading non-governmental organisation whose focus is campaigning on environmental issues.

Friends of the Earth International  - Another leading and important non-governmental organisation with worldwide environmental campaigns.

WWF - Widely respected and well known international conservation organisation with good advice on how best to live your life in a sustainable way.

United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) - UN page which gives some of the latest information on environmental issues.

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change - (IPCC) - Important group of scientists focusing on actual data, reports and information relating to global warming.

Poverty Issues: Charities and other Organisations

World Vision International - An international organsation bringing relief and development and promoting the well-being of all people.

ActionAid International - An important international organsation with the aim of fighting poverty worldwide.

Oxfam International - An international and world-renowned confederation of organisations fighting poverty, suffering and injustice.

UNICEF - United Nations Children's Fund - an organisation aiming to build a world where the rights of all children are realised.

World - Information
National Geographic - An important geographical magazine (USA-based) which covers a variety of topics and issues. Educational.

The BBC - The BBC, a world renowned organisation, and always a good source of information on a huge number of issues and news items. This particular link takes you to the science and nature section where you can read about topics that are discussed on this site such as climate change. Educational.

Useful Eco Directories