Buy Eco Nappies

Good for the environment

Take an important step in helping to reduce land pollution by buying these environmentally friendly and highly biodegradable disposable nappies, or by choosing to use reusable nappies. The disposable nappies listed below are eco friendly because they are highly decomposable, they are made from renewable resources (over 50% of product) or sustainable sources, and the makers work to ensure that there is minimal pollution during their manufacture. The packaging that they come in is also biodegradable.

Reusable nappies help the environment and they do not fill landfill at all and therefore reduce waste levels, plus they are good for you because they will save you a lot of money as you do not have to keep buying disposable nappies. Of course the natural disadvantage is the fact that they have to be cleaned regularly!

Good for your baby

Eco friendly disposable nappies are designed to be very good for your baby too. They are free from bleaching agents and perfumes, and are made to give maximum comfort to your baby. There are several different brands which we review below.

Disposable Eco Nappies

Moltex eco nappies

eco friendly disposable nappies

These nappies are made from over 50% renewable materials and are free of the harsh chemicals that can sometimes cause skin rashes on a baby's sensitive skin. There are three sizes available for these eco friendly disposable nappies from Moltex. The Mini pack of 48 is for babies of 3-6kg; the Midi pack of 44 for babies of 4-9kg; and finally the Maxi pack of 42 which is for those babies who weigh 7-18kg. They were voted as best nappy by mothers on Channel 5 television.
You can purchase these eco nappies here.

Bambo Nature eco nappies

Bambo disposable eco nappies

These eco nappies for your newborn baby from Bambo are produced using sustainable practices and contain no perfumes, brighteners or moisturisers, which helps to reduce the risk of allergic reactions and rashes on your newborn baby's sensitive skin. These eco nappies are made under strict Scandanavian environmental regulations, limiting any adverse environmental impact. There are 28 nappies in this pack and they are for baby size 1 (2-4kg or 4-9lbs).
You can buy these eco nappies here.

You can also buy the following Bambo Nature disposable eco nappies for different baby sizes and ages:

Bambo Premature eco nappies - for approx. weight 1-3kg/ 2-6lbs. 24 nappies per pack.

Bambo Mini eco nappies - for approx. weight 3-6kg/ 6.5-11lbs (size 2). 30 nappies per pack.

Bambo Midi eco nappies - for approx. weight 5-10kg/ 11-22lbs (size 3). 56 nappies per pack.

Bambo Maxi eco nappies - for approx. weight 8-18kg/ 19-39lbs (size 4). 50 nappies per pack.

Beaming Baby biodegradable nappies

Beaming Baby biodegradable nappies

Beaming Baby nappies originated in Devon and have been designed to be kind on your baby's skin. Made from natural and organic materials, these nappies are more biodegradable and sensitive to the environment than conventional disposable nappies. They come in five different sizes:

Beaming Baby Mini - US Size 1 nappies (2-6kg/ 4-13lbs). 20 nappies per pack.

Beaming Baby Midi - US Size 2 nappies (5-9kg/ 11-22lbs). 40 nappies per pack.

Beaming Baby Maxi - US Size 3 nappies (8-16kg/ 18-35lbs). 38 nappies per pack.

Beaming Baby Maxi - US Size 4 nappies (12-22kg/ 26-49lbs). 38 nappies per pack.

Beaming Baby Junior - US Size 5 nappies (15kg+/ 33lbs+). 34 nappies per pack.

Reusable and washable nappies

Reusable washable nappies went out of fashion somewhat following the introduction of the easier to use and dispose of disposable nappies, however, the sheer numbers of disposable nappies finding their way to landfill and subsequent concern for the environment, has led to a returning interest in reusable nappies. Design has moved on too and you no longer ned to worry about fiddling about with safety pins to attach the nappy securely to your baby's bottom as there are ready made washable nappies for sale which easily attach to your baby just like any disposable nappy. You can find an extensive selection of reusable nappies at eco living website Spirit of Nature (link to reusable nappies).

How many times a day or week you change a disposable nappy on your baby. Now you can do it knowing that the nappy you use is highly biodegradable and does not contain land polluting chemicals. By using these eco friendly nappies you can help to make a positive impact in reducing land pollution.