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Renewable energy is the future. Producing energy from fossil fuels is proven to be polluting, cause global warming and is unsustainable because fossil fuel supplies are finite. Unlike infinite supplies of renewable energy such as those sourced from the wind, the sun and the sea. It does not have to cost that much more either. It makes sense to go green with your electricity and you will certainly be helping make the world cleaner and more sustainable for future generations to enjoy. The more people that use renewable energy the greater amount of pressure for change, and the more efficient renewable energy technologies will become.

UK only
Number 1 - Good Energy

This is a positive UK-based green energy company who source all of their electricity from renewable projects around the country. There are no fossil fuels used, no carbon, nor any nuclear. They have a reputation for great customer service and competitve pricing in spite of the fact that they source all of their electricity from renewable sources such as wind power, solar power, water and sustainable biogeneration. They encourage and support local and small scale renewable energy production too which all adds up to make their 100% renewable mix. If you are looking for a green energy supplier then Good Energy are definitely one of the best.

UK only
Number 2 - Ecotricity

They are another UK-based green electricity company who are actively investing in new renewable projects around the UK. Their energy mix is not 100% renewable at the moment, but they are working to improve their green/brown electricity ratio and are building new renewable projects. It is clear that with this company you know they are actively seeking to continue to invest in renewable energy and increase the amount of electricity sourced from it.

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Green Mountain Energy Company

USA-based greener electricity company. Stated aim is to change the way power is made (by sourcing it from more sustainable energy resources).

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