Energy Saving Devices and Gadgets

Good for the environment and your energy bill

The energy saving ideas and products listed and reviewed below reveal some gadgets and other energy saving devices which will help you to save energy in your home and thus save you money off of your energy bills. There are some great little ideas, some very simple but at the same time incredibly effective at what they do. Best of all, not only do you save money, but by reducing your own energy consumption, you help to reduce pollution and do your bit to helping reduce global carbon emissions.

Mobile Phone Energy Saving Enviroplug

Mobile phone energy saving device

How often have you left your mobile phone plugged in recharging for far longer than necessary, perhaps overnight, or whilst you go out for hours? Well, even if your phone fully charges after an hour or two, by being plugged into the wall socket, it will still use power and cost you money until you unplug it. This fantastic little adaptor will switch off the power to your mobile phone for you, thereby saving you money and a lot of unnecessary energy wastage. It is such a simple idea, but wonderfully effective. To be used for mobile phone chargers only, including the iPhone. Read the positive reviews and invest in this cheap adaptor to help save energy and reduce your energy bills.

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The Wattson Energy Meter

Wattson Energy Meter

The attractively designed Wattson energy meter is a very helpful gadget which shows you how much electricity you are using in real time and can store usage data for up to four weeks so you can analyse how much energy you use over a period of time. You can see which appliances use more energy than others by switching them on and off. The meter displays usage in currencies (,US$,Euro) or watts, and is colour coded for easy energy usage assessment (blue for low consumption, red for high). It is also able to measure microgeneration of electricity, such as from solar panels or wind turbines, to help you understand your net energy usage. It is a fabulous little gadget which can help you better understand your energy usage and help you to lower this , thus saving you money and saving on unnecessary energy use in the home.

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The OWL wireless Energy Monitor

OWL energy monitor

This easy to install device will show you how much electricity you are using and thereby help you to cut down on electricity wastage in the home and save yourself money. By using your OWL you will be able to establish how much energy you can save by turning off applicances and lighting and finding out how much energy they use. This little device has helped people discover which appliances have been costing them unnecessary money, have a quick look at the positive reviews.

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The Heatkeeper Radiator Panel

Heatkeeper energy saving radiator panel

This fabulously simple idea helps prevent heat from your radiators being lost through the walls behind them by reflecting it back into your room. By applying these panels behind your radiators you should notice a warmer home and be able to reduce your energy consumption on your heating. They would be particularly effective used with radiators located on external walls where heat can be lost to the outside. The panels are very easy to fit and are supplied with double-sided tape. Make sure your walls are dust free before putting the panels on them.

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Radflek Radiator Reflectors

Energy saving radiator reflectors

These Radflek radiator reflectors are easy to install as they just hang down the back of your radiators. They work by reflecting heat from behind your radiator back into your room, therefore helping to prevent heat wastage and cut your central heating costs. They are easy to clean and indeed should be kept dust free to ensure maximum refectivity of heat.

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The Green EcoButton


This simple button works by placing your desktop computer into the most economical sleep/standyby mode when you leave your computer for any break, whether for a cup of tea, to answer the telephone, or for a long meeting. This saves more energy than placing your computer into it's standard standby mode or just leaving it switched on. The button connects to your computer by usb cable and by one click of the switch avtivates the most economical sleep mode. You do not lose anything you are working on and your computer is immediately restored to it's previous operating condition by pressing any key on the keyboard. By using this button every time you leave your computer, you will save yourself money and help reduce yor own personal carbon emissions.

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There are some excellent energy saving devices and products on this page which will save you money and save energy right from the day you start using them. All of these gadgets and devices help to prevent unnecessary energy wastage and in that way can help to reduce pollution and carbon emissions.