Energy Savings Lightbulbs and Lights

One of the easiest ways of saving energy in the home and in the workplace is to replace existing lighting and lightbulbs with energy efficient products as the old bulbs and lights come to the end of their usefulness. A small investment in energy saving lighting will bear dividends in the long run both in terms of a smaller electiricity bill and reduced carbon emissions. Lighting accounts for a significant proportion of national electricity generation so it makes sense to choose energy efficient lights and bulbs to save money and reduce usage of valuable energy supplies.

Energy Saving Lightbulbs

There are different types of energy saving lightbulbs available to buy today. Online retailer, Nigel's Eco Store, supplies a good range of energy efficient lightbulbs, including classic bulbs and LED lightbulbs, all of which save you electricity and money.

Energy Saving Lights

If you can buy lights and lamps that are powered by the sun and use them in your home you will save the energy you would normally be using for ordinary lighting and save money in the long term.

The Sun Jar

eco friendly orange sun jar - powered by the sunThis environmentally friendly light does not require electricty as it is powered solely by the sun. It is a glass jar that contains a number of solar cells which collect sunlight durng the day and recharge the battery which can power the light for up to five hours. It is waterproof, so can be put indoors or outdoors and it automatically comes on when it starts to get dark. These sun jars provide a subtle warm ambient glow around your home and are available in orange,blue or pink.  Buy it now