What are Fair Music Downloads?

Do you download your music? Would you be happy to choose to use a music download site that donated a significant share of it's profits to a charity of your choosing for each track or album you paid to download? Fairshare music is an innovative, feelgood music website which offers you the chance to do exactly that. Through using the site, the music you buy really does make a difference to a number of important charities. The site lists all the latest single and album releases and has a huge music library with over 11 million tracks in a range of categories. It's pricing is competitve and it's easy to use.

How does fairshare music work?

For each download you make, the site will donate at least 50% of their net profit from that download to a charity you choose from a list of fifteen charity partners. These represnt a broad range of needs, such as environmental causes, poverty fighting organisations and health-related charities (see below). You can change the charity you donate to through your Fairshare music account at any time. The donation amount for each track or album you buy is shown on your receipt so you will know how much of your payment will be donated to your charity.

Ethical Music Downloading

The more music you download through this new and exciting website, the more donations are received by the charities. Music is an inspiring art which transforms lives and breaks down boundaries and this ethical music download site is a great way to support important causes in such a simple way.
Join Fairshare music now to start donating as you buy your music online.

Which charities can I choose to donate to?

At the moment there are 15: