Fair trade shopping

Fair trade - to ensure that those who produce the products receive fair recompense for them. It is a simple and just way to do business and help make a contribution to eradicate inequality and poverty. By supporting shops that promote such products you will help ensure that people are more fairly rewarded for what they produce than they would otherwise have been. The more people that shop in this way the more pressure it puts on business to source its products in this way too with time. A number of retailers that sell fair trade products are listed below.

myakka - fair trade retailer of furniture and home accessories

Myakka - Online retailer of fair trade furniture and home accessories certified by the British Association for Fair Trade Shops. It states that over 90% of their products are fair trade and places a special fair trade logo by those products which have been sourced fairly.

Natural Collection - UK-based retailer with has a very good range of ecological products and services, established since 1999, with a sound policy towards the environment and betterment of the world as a whole. Will deliver world-wide but global deliveries incur higher delivery charges (see site info for details).


Fair trade tea, coffee, and hot chocolate. Sold in major supermarkets, some independent retailers and Oxfam shops. Or you can buy online here. Click the link to find out more about the retailer.


A range of fair trade products and delivers within the European Union. If you live outside of this area you can contact this online retailer to establish if they can deliver to you or not.

Ethical Superstore

An online retailer based in the UK selling a range of fair trade products. It also offers carbon offset delivery - check site for further details. UK only.


UK-only retailer which presently can only deliver to UK addresses, but sells an excellent array of fair trade products, including clothing, and has a nicely designed website.

Transfair USA

This site may be a valuable resource for those living in the USA as it lists a number of retailers that stocks fair trade products.

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