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Helping to make the world fairer

By buying fair trade chocolate you are helping to make the world a better and fairer place as the people who are making the cocoa are more fairly paid for what they produce and their working conditions are better than products which do not bear any fairtrade logo. Fair trade chocolate may cost a few pence more to buy, but it is money well spent and the chocolate products listed below taste wonderful! Some fair trade chocolate products that you can buy online are also produced from organically grown cocoa, which also helps to reduce pollution in areas where the cocoa crop is harvested. We have reviewed and listed some fantastic fair trade chocolate below, which we hope you will enjoy. If you think other chocolates should be listed here please do let us know. Thanks!

Fairtrade Chocolate 1 - Divine Chocolate Indulgence Set

Divine chocolate

Divine make fabulous tasting rich, dark chocolate which is fairtrade as they source their cocoa mass, sugar and cocoa butter fairly. This is an indulgent set of their products, which includes a bar of fairtrade dark chocolate; a fairtrade pack of apricots covered in smooth dark chocolate; a pack of fairtrade brazil nuts richly covered in dark chocolate; an exotic fairtrade pack of mango slices covered in tempting dark chocolate; plus fairtrade cocoa powder to make a cup of hot cocoa or for use in your cooking. These are all excellent quality products and are available separately as well as in this pack. Find out more about this exquisite fairtrade Divine chocolate set...

Fair Trade Chocolate 2: Divine Mint Dark Chocolate

Divine Mint

This Divine chocolate combines the rich, smooth dark chocolate that Divine is famous for with subtle peppermint mint crisps which complement the chocolate perfectly. Made with fairtrade cocoa mass, fairtrade sugar and fairtrade cocoa butter, this chocolate makes a great after dinner treat.
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Fair Trade Chocolate 3: Divine Dark Chocolate with Raspberries

Divine dark chocolate with raspberries

This is a very popular and luxurious dark chocolate bar which contains very tasty real raspberries. The naturally tangy raspberry flavours perfectly fit with the smooth luxuriousness of the fairtrade Divine dark chocolate to give a wonderfully indulgent chocolate bar to enjoy at any time of day and for every occasion.
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Fair Trade Chocolate 4: Divine Fruit and Nut Dark Chocolate

Divine Fruit and Nut Chocolate

This is a tasty fairtrade dark chocolate bar from Divine which contains juicy currants and crunchy nuts to enjoy throughout the day. It uses fairtrade cocoa mass, sugar and cocoa butter and the fruit and nuts combine deliciously with the rich, dark chocolate of Divine. A great everyday chocolate bar to enjoy.
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Fair Trade Chocolate 5: Divine White Chocolate with Strawberries

Divine white chocolate with strawberries

Divine make great white chocolate with fairtrade cocoa butter. This particular bar combines the delicious sweet and creamy taste of Divine's white chocolate with tasty strawberry crispy pieces. The combination is a perfect balance, just like strawberries and cream, and this fairtrade chocolate bar is very popular, especially with white chocolate enthusiasts.
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Fair Trade Chocolate 6: Green and Blacks Maya Gold (Fairtrade + Organic)

Green and Blacks Maya Gold Chocolate

This dark chocolate bar from Green and Blacks combines a rich dark chocolate flavour with orange and subtle spices to give a very tasty and indulgent chocolate treat. It was the first UK product to be awared with the Fairtrade Mark in 1994 and it also uses organic cocoa and sugar ingredients. It is a wonderfully mysterious chocolate bar to savour and enjoy.
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Fair Trade Chocolate 7: Organica White Chocolate Bar (Fairtrade + Organic + Non-Dairy)

Organica White Chocolate

This is a fairtrade, creamy white chocolate bar from Organica which uses organic ingredients and an alternative to milk, making it suitable for those avoiding dairy based products in their diet. It is a tasty white chocolate bar with a noticeable hint of vanilla.
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Delicious fairtrade chocolate which helps to make our world a fairer place.