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Quite simply, the delicious coffees reviewed below are sourced from fairly traded coffee beans, ensuring that the producers and suppliers of the beans are given a fairer price for their coffee which helps to aid development in poorer parts of our world. You may pay a small premium for fairtrade coffee, but that is because people, just like you and I, are receiving a fairer wage for their hard work and effort and are not being exploited.

Some of the coffees below are also sourced organically as well as being fairtrade certified. Depending on how much coffee you drink, you may sometimes find it more economical to buy some of the coffees reviewed below in bulk to reduce the overall price.

Fairtrade Coffee 1: Cafédirect Classic Instant Coffee

Cafedirect fairtrade instant coffee

This popular blended fairtrade instant coffee is a premium product made with coffee beans from the continents of Latin America and Africa. It is a tasty medium roast coffee meant to be enjoyed and savoured at any time of day.
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Fairtrade Coffee 2: Cafédirect Classic Decaffeinated Coffee

Cafedirect fairtrade decaffeinated coffee

This fairtrade coffee is made from organic Arabica coffee beans which give the coffee a smooth aromatic and rich flavour. The coffee is decaffeinated using a gentle process which does not compromise the wonderful taste of this coffee. This fairtrade coffee makes for a flavoursome everyday decaffeinated coffee.
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Fairtrade Coffee 3: Cafédirect Espresso Ground Coffee

Cafedirect fairtrade Espresso coffee

The Cafédirect espresso coffee has an intense and dark flavour with a velvety smooth texture. It is dark roasted to give a full and exciting flavour and is suited for use in filter and espresso machines. With positive reviews, if you like a strong, dark coffee shot in the morning, this could be the one for you.
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Fairtrade Coffee 4: Cafédirect Medium Roast Ground Coffee

Cafedirect fairtrade Medium Roast coffee

With a calming, smooth flavour this medium roast coffee is a versatile and refreshing fresh ground coffee from Cafédirect. It is made from freshly ground Arabica beans from Latin America and by buying it you can be confident that the coffee producers from that region are paid fairly for their work.
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Fairtrade Coffee 5: Cafédirect Rich Roast Ground Coffee

Cafedirect fairtrade Rich Roast coffee

This is a delicious rich roast coffee which is ground from the best Latin American and African coffee beans sourced in a fair trade manner. These freshly ground beans have been roasted to perfection to give an intense, full-bodied flavour to your coffee and it is this exquisite taste which has led to this coffee receiving excellent reviews.
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Fairtrade Coffee 6: Grumpy Mule Colombia (Organic)

Grumpy Mule Colombian coffee

The colourful, bright packaging does not detract from this wonderful fairtrade coffee from Colombia, a country famous for it's great tasting coffee in Latin America. Made by traditional means and using only organic methods, this is a very tasty coffee with a fine flavour and lingering finish.
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Fairtrade Coffee 7: Clipper Instant Coffee (Organic)

Clipper instant coffee

This is a superior blend of coffee from the well-respected company, Clipper, who are known for their fine fairtrade and organic teas and coffee. This particular fairtrade certified coffee uses organically grown Arabica beans to produce this tasty, rich and smooth instant coffee, delicious at any time of day.
Discover more about fairtrade Clipper instant coffee here...

Fairtrade Coffee 8: Clipper Decaffeinated Instant Coffee (Organic)

Clipper decaffeinated instant coffee

If you prefer decaffeinated instant coffee, then this refreshing fairtrade certified Clipper coffee could be the one for you. Made from organically grown and fairly traded Arabica coffee, a natural decaffeination process is used so that you can be confident there are no unnatural chemical residues left in your coffee.
You can read more about Clipper decaffeinated coffee here...

Fairtrade Coffee 9: Cafédirect Machu Picchu Ground Coffee (Organic)

Cafedirect fairtrade Machu Picchu fresh ground coffee

This is a very tasty medium strength coffee from Cafédirect which is made from hand-selected Arabica coffee beans from high up in the Peruvian Andes. Not only is this superb coffee fairtrade, but it is also certified organic by the UK Soil Association. It makes a sumptuosly rich and smooth cup of coffee and has received positive reviews.
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Fairtrade Coffee 10: Traidcraft Medium Roast Ground Coffee

Traidcraft Medium Roast coffee

This flavoursome medium roast ground coffee from poverty fighting company Traidcraft uses coffee sourced from farmer's cooperatives in Latin America and Africa. This fairtrade coffee ensures that the small producers in the developing world and rewarded fairly for their work. Suitable for percolators, cafetières, and filter machines.
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Fairtrade Coffee 11: Traidcraft Medium Roast Decaffeinated Ground Coffee (Organic)

Traidcraft Medium Roast decaffeinated coffee

This fairtrade coffee is sourced from a small farmer's cooperative in Peru and uses Arabica coffee beans whihc have been produced organically. The decaffeination process used is also natural to ensure the coffee retains it's organic status. It's a very tasty coffee suitable for use in percolators, filter machines and cafetières
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Fairtrade Coffee 12: Suma fairtrade Sumatra Ground Coffee (Organic)

Sumatra ground coffee

This is a strong, dark roasted coffee from Suma wholefoods which is both fairtrade certified and organic. It makes a great espresso, but can also make a very tasty smooth, full-bodied coffee from filters and cafetières too.
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Think...fairly traded coffee rewards the coffee producers and suppliers fairly for their work and helps support a better world.