Fairtrade Fortnight

It is all about making the world a fairer place for all by ensuring that those who make and produce goods receive a fairer price for them and that their working conditions are to a better standard, especially relevant in poorer parts of our world. The Fairtrade Foundation are ran a campaign for a fortnight in the UK from February 23rd until March 8th which was about encouraging the use and promotion of fairtrade practices, publicising the good it can do and helping to ensure that more people buy fairtrade in the shops and use fairtrade retailers.

Below we have listed a few online shops who either specialise in selling fairtrade products or other retailers who have included fairly traded godds in their ranges. This site obviously would like to encourage the more widespread use and sale of fairtrade products to help us achieve our aim of making the world a fairer and more sustainable place for all. Sometimes fairtrade can be a little more expensive, but the extra pennies are certainly worth it for the good that they do. Furthermore, the more people who consistently buy from fair trade shops and their products, then with time this increasing demand should make these things cheaper. Fairtrade goods are often of excellent quality in any case and are worth the extra one would pay for them.

Please feel free to browse the fair trade shops below for fab ideas of what fairtrade stuff you can buy and where you can buy it! If you would like more information on what the Fairtrade Fortnight was about, please check out the Fairtrade Foundation website.

Fair trade drinks - tea, coffee, and hot chocolate. You can buy online here or from your local supermarket or Oxfam store. Click the link to find out more about the retailer.

This company stocks a range of fair trade products and delivers within the European Union. If you live outside of this area you can contact this online retailer to establish if they can deliver to you or not.

Retailer which presently can only deliver to UK addresses, but sells an excellent array of fair trade products, including clothing, and has a nicely designed website.

This site may be a valuable resource for those living in the USA as it lists a number of retailers that stocks fair trade products.

You can also suggest a retailer using the very simple contact us form.