Buy Fair Trade Furniture

Helping to bring about a Fairer World

By buying fair trade furniture, that where the maker receives a fair price for his or her work, you can play your part in ensuring that the world becomes a fairer place for all and that the scourge of poverty can begin to be eradicated. There are some fantastic pieces of furniture listed below which would make any home look special.

Perfect for your home

Myakka have a large selection of fabulous looking fair trade Indian furniture and fair trade Thailand furniture for your home at affordable prices. We have listed some of our favourite items below but by clicking on any of the items you will be taken to their website where you will be able to view the whole range and learn even more about their products. They will make your home look good and you will know that the makers have been fairly paid for their work.
Important: Furniture can sometimes be a little expensive. You can offset some of the initial cost by buying them through reputable site Top Cashback which rewards you with money back when you shop online through the site. The links below take you through Top Cashback and you can either sign up or choose to go straight to Myakka.

Contemporary Nest of Tables made from Sheesham wood (Indian Rosewood)

fair trade nest of tables made from Sheesham wood (Indian Rosewood)

This attractive set of wooden nested tables are a fine addition to any home. They are fair trade and carved from solid Sheesham wood from Northern India. Delivery is usually quick and the furniture is carefully packaged to prevent damage.

Outstanding Fair Trade Sheesham Wood Storage Cupboard

fair trade storage cupboard cupboard from Northern India

This is a fantastic, intriguingly designed piece of fair trade solid wood furniture from Northern India. With a stunning original asymmetric design and a beautiful finish this is a unique storage cupboard which is sure to get people talking! It includes sections for both storage and display which gives it a brilliant versatility and makes for a lovely piece of furniture.

Unique Surin Infinity Table made from Monkey Pod wood

fair trade and original Surin Infinity Table made from Monkey wood

This unique, attractive and interesting piece of furniture is available in two finishes, two-tone natural and also dark waxed, as displayed in the image aside. The table is made from Monkey Pod wood and can be used in a variety of ways, it would make a very attractive addition to your room. This fair trade furniture product has its origins in Thailand.

Beautiful Fair Trade Glazed Dresser

fair trade glazed dresser from Northern India

This beautiful fair trade side dresser has a glazed top and removable (mid height) shelves in each of its cupboards. It has rectangular metal handles giving it a more modern feel and would make a glorious addition to your home. Again it is imported from Northern India and is made from Sheesham wood.

Delightful Fair Trade Coffee Table

fair trade coffee table from Northern India

With its uniquely attractive design this coffee table would be a wonderful addition to any home. It is imported from Northern India and is made from 100% Sheesham wood with original decorative brackets in the 'Thakat' styling range. Very attractive and very good value!

Gorgrous Fair Trade Chest of Drawers

fair trade chest of drawers from Northern India

This is a carefully made chest of drawers in the popular Hathi style, which features beautiful hand carved elephants. It contains two full width drawers at the base and two half width at the top, all exhibiting the distinctive Hathi hand carved features. It is traditionally handcrafted in Northern India from 100% Sheesham wood and is fair trade.

Sheesham Table lists more attractive fair trade sheesham wood table furniture, including coffee tables, dining tables and other miscellaneous tables.

Fair trade is so important in helping to eradicate poverty and bringing about social justice in our world. If people in the poorer developing countries are compensated fairly for their hard working efforts (and there should be no reason why they are not) then they can start to build themselves a better future. Better working conditions and working environments too are crucial in ensuring social justice for a better future. A better future for them would certainly equal a better future for all of us.