Fair Trade Tea

Buy Fair Trade Tea and Make our World Fairer

Do you enjoy a morning cup of tea to wake you up or perhaps a refreshing afternoon cuppa to sit down and relax to? Tea is a wonderful drink to suit all occasions and there is so much choice today, from normal, everyday blended black teas, to green teas bursting with healthy antioxidant properties.

When we buy our tea bags or tea leaves, we can help to ensure we create a fairer world by buying from businesses that source their tea in a fair trade manner rather than exploitative means. It may cost a few pence more, but it is certainlly a price worth paying knowing that someone, somewhere is being more fairly rewarded for the work they do and for the great tasting tea they produce.

We review below a number of tasty teas which are both fairtrade certified and many are also organically grown. Please contact us with any of your comments.

Fairtrade Tea 1: Cafédirect Tea (80 bags)

Cafedirect tea bags

This is a great tasting and high quality blended black tea from Cafédirect which bears the well known fairtrade logo. Thus you can be confident that the tea growers are given a fairer price for their tea and by buying this tea you are helping to make the world a fairer place. This is a refreshing tea blended from fair trade suppliers in Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya.
You can buy this Cafédirect tea here...

Fairtrade Tea 2: Cafédirect Decaffeinated Tea (80 bags)

Cafedirect decaffeinated tea bags

This hand-picked tea from Kenya is gently decaffeinated to produce this refreshing black tea for your home. The decaffeination process does not impair the flavour of this tea and this is a great tea for those who want a tasty cuppa without the caffeine.
You can buy these Cafédirect decaffeinated tea bags here...

Fairtrade Tea 3: Cafédirect Everyday Tea (440 bags)

Cafedirect everyday tea

This is a bumper pack of 440 tea bags from Cafédirect which give a full flavour tea suitable for everyday use. This fairtrade, blended black tea makes a refreshing cup for any time of the day. This pack could be suitable for either the home or for a business.
You can buy this bumper pack of Cafédirect tea bags here...

Fairtrade Tea 4: Clipper Organic Earl Grey Tea (50 bags)

Clipper Earl Grey

This popular Earl Grey tea from Clipper is both organically grown and fairtrade certified. The organic tea is sourced from the remote environments in the mountains of South India and is scented with natural bergamot to give this refreshing Earl Grey tea.
You can buy the Clipper Earl Grey tea here...

Fairtrade Tea 5: QI Organic Jasmine Tea (25 bags)

QI Jasmine Tea

Jasmine tea is a wonderfully fragrant and calming drink which helps to settle the mind. This organic and fairtrade tea from QI combines the soothing scent of the Jasmine flavour with high quality organic green tea from China. We are a big fan of Jasmine teas for their delicate and refreshing properties.
You can buy QI Jasmine Tea here...

Fairtrade Tea 6: QI Organic Green Tea (25 bags)

QI Green Tea

Grown in a tea garden at the top of a mountain in China, this healthy green tea is full of antioxidants. Better still the tea is grown organically and is fairtrade certified. This naturally healthy tea has a rich flavour for you to enjoy at any time of the day.
You can buy QI organic green tea here...

Fairtrade Tea 7: Clipper Organic Assam Tea (50 bags)

Clipper Organic Assam

This is a flavoursome tea with a very enjoyable and distinctive taste which has been organically produced and given fairtrade certification. Suitable to drink morning, noon and night, this refreshing Assam tea is sourced from the Brahmaputra Valley in North Eastern India.
You can buy the fairtrade Clipper organic Assam tea here...

Fairtrade Tea 8: Equal Exchange Masala Chai Tea (25 bags)

Masala Chai Tea

If you like the idea of literally adding a little spice to your everyday cup of tea, or fancy trying something a little different, then this fairtrade masala chai tea from Equal Exchange is certainly worth a try. Using organically grown ingredients and ensuring small farmers get a better life, this tea from Equal Exchange is equally refreshing, very tasty, and fair.
You can buy the Equal Exchange masala chai tea here...

yellow star You can find an even greater selection of fair trade tea here.

Think...fair trade tea to help ensure a fairer world.