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Eco friendly cleaning helping to reduce pollution

Many of the famous conventional cleaning products and detergents for the family home are not so good for our environments because of the chemicals they use. If you can imagine what cleaning detergents you use in your home, in your kitchen, bathroom, etc...; or to wash up your dishes, pans and clean your surfaces. Now imagine that everyone in your street does the same as you, then everyone in your town, and you can start to see the amount of detergent used every day and week. Much of this is washed away into our local environments and over time can start to pollute them and cause havoc with plant life, animal life and their ecosystems.

Now the aim of Ecoants is to reduce such pollution so we have added a green cleaning section to our eco shop to help you find some of the best environmentally friendly cleaning products that you can use in your home, safe in the knowledge that you are reducing your household's negative impact on the environment and making a positive contribution to change and making the world a cleaner place.

There are several companies which manufacture green cleaning products, such as Ecover and Ecozone, and we aim to review the best of their household products below.

Green Cleaning Product 1 - Ecover Bathroom Cleaner

Ecover bathroom cleaner

This natural cleaning spray for your bathroom is designed to leave it sparkling clean. It is an effective green cleaner which is NOT suitable for use on marble and natural stones. It is tough on bathroom dirt and soap scum marks and leaves a fresh plant-based fragrance. It has received some flattering reviews for it's effectiveness. It is easy to use, just spray it onto your surface and then wip edry with a dry or damp cloth. If you have tougher stains, leave for a few minutes before wiping. Read more about this highly rated Ecover bathroom cleaner...

Green Cleaning Product 2 - Ecover Power Cleaner

Ecover Power Cleaner

25 years of research has helped Ecover develop this powerful eco friendly cleaning product, which is particularly suitable for degreasing ovens, hobs, barbeques, and dirty pots and pans. To use this powerful cleaner you just have to spray it on to the area that requires cleaning , leave for approximately one minute, and then wipe and rinse the grime away. It has a pleasant plant-based smell and biodegrades completely with minimal impact to aquatic life, unlike conventional household cleaning products.
Discover more about the Ecover power cleaner...

Green Cleaning Product 3 - Ecover Washing Up Liquid with Aloe Vera and Lemon

Ecover washing up

This is a very good natural washing up liquid with which to wash your dishes and help to reduce pollution in the environment. You only need to use it sparingly and it is compares favourably to all the normal household washing up liquid brands, as it is just as effective. With a refreshing lemon and aloe vera fragrance, this is one Ecover product which every green home should use.
You can buy this Ecover washing up liquid here...

Green Cleaning Product 4 - Ecover Limescale Remover

Ecover Limescale Remover

This is a very effective limescale remover which is comparable to conventional removers, yet this green product offers added benefits to you, your home and the environment. It is for use in baths, shower areas, taps, basins and tiles, anywhere limescale tends to build up in the home. Easy to use, just spray directly onto surface, leave and then rinse clean with water. This product offers and eco friendly and effective solution to remove limescale in the home and leaves a fresh smell behind. It has received good reviews. Not for use on marble, enamel, natural stones, brassware, gold, silver, household appliances, or damaged or hot surfaces.
Learn more about the rated Ecover limescale remover here...

Green Cleaning Product 5 - Ecozone Multi Surface Cleaner

Ecozone multi surface cleaner

Reduce your household's use of polluting chemicals by using this natural multi-surface green cleaner from Ecozone. It has both anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties to help protect your home and has been tested to kill MRSA and H1N1. For use on worktops, kitchens, and other hard and washable surfaces, this eco friendly cleaner is completely plant-based and is free from petrochemicals and synthetic fragrances and dyes.
You can read more about the Ecozone multi surface cleaner here...

Green Cleaning Product 6 - Ecover Toilet Cleaner (Pine Fresh)

Ecover toilet cleaner pine fresh

Since being established in 1980, Ecover have devoted many years researching ways to combine natural plant ingredients and minerals to produce effective and ecologically sensitive cleaning. This toilet cleaner is one such product and comes with a natural plant-based pine fragrance. Not only is is an effective toilet bowl cleaner, but it is also safe to use in septic tanks. It is biodegradable and does not contain any unnecessary harmful chemicals.
Learn more about this eco friendly toilet cleaner here...

Green Cleaning Product 7 - Ecover Toilet Cleaner (Ocean Waves)

Ecover toilet cleaner (ocean waves)

This is another effective environmentally friendly toilet cleaner from Ecover with a new fresh fragrance called ocean waves. This green product cleans, freshens and also helps to decalcify your toilet, giving it a thorough clean without the use of eye-watering chemicals. This cleaner has optimum levels of biodegradability, with minimum impact on aquatic life, unlike many conventional cleaners, and it's packaging is 100% recyclable. Find out more about this fresh Ecover toilet cleaner here...

Green Cleaning Product 8 - Ecozone Toilet Cleaner

Ecozone toilet cleaner

This powerful toilet cleaner from Ecozone is an eco friendly plant-based product. It is free from synthetic fragrances and petrochemicals and uses only essential oils. It is a natural and effective cleaning product which will help to green the cleaning of your home and reduce pollution of our environments.
Find out more about the Ecozone toilet cleaner...

Green Cleaning Product 9 - Ecover All Purpose Cleaner

Ecover All Purpose Cleaner

This green cleaning product is designed to clean all of your hard, washable surfaces in the home. It is a natural and hygienic detergent which leaves the pleasant aroma of lemons in your home after use. It biodegrades quickly and completely, but is still strong enough for use in septic tanks. This cleaner is not a powerful degreaser that needs no effort, but like any floor and surface cleaner, does require a little effort to remove stubborn dirt stains.
Find out more about the Ecover all purpose cleaner...

Green Cleaning Product 10 - Ecover Cream Cleaner

Ecover Cream Cleaner

This ecological cleaner is tough on grease, but kind on the environment. It is suitable for use on cookers, fridges, enamel and stainless steel, chrome and tiles. It is simple to use either applied directly onto the surface or onto a wet sponge for cleaning. You then simply rinse it away afterwards. This effective cream cleaner can remove stubborn stains and greases without the need for scratching and it does not leave unnecessary chemical residues. It is optimumly biodegradeable.
Click here to learn more about the Ecover cream cleaner...

Green cleaning to help reduce pollution in our environments and make our world a cleaner place.