Green Web Hosting

What is web hosting?

When you have created a website, you need disk space on a computer that is always on and connected to the internet so that your website or blog is always available. This is known as a server. When you purchase web hosting you are basically renting space on such a computer server to enable your website to be shown on the internet. Web hosting companies own or use computer servers to rent this space out to you, the person who wants to put his or her website or blog on the internet!

What is Green (Eco) Web Hosting?

A computer server obviously requires electricity to run and the amount of energy used by such computers has been steadily increasing as the internet has grown. Any electricity use usually results in carbon emissions. Some companies that host your website on their comuter servers will offset these emissions, by planting trees for example, to make their business carbon neutral. Others will ensure that all of their electricity is sourced from renewable energy so that no carbon emissions result from their operations. These companies are green or eco web hosting providers and we hope to list any such green web hosts here so that you can use these environmentally aware businesses rather than those who do not take any direct action.

Green Web Hosting Providers

eco web hosting

Eco Web Hosting - This company offers web hosting plans for your website from an attractive 2.99 per month, or if you only have a small website, a basic package costing 10 per year. Their servers are UK-based and they pride themselves in giving very good customer service. Their eco credentials come from the fact that they offset all of their calculated carbon emissions from their UK servers by planting new English Oak trees to absorb these emissions. Indeed they state that they have planted enough trees thus far to absorb three times the carbon presently produced by their computer servers. This makes them an excellent addition to our green web hosting list.

ecosnap web hosting banner

Ecosnap - offsets it's carbon emissions through relationships with, where it offsets it's emissions by 100%, and Trees for the Future. Every time Ecosnap receives a new client 25 trees are planted by this organisation. Ecosnap states it offsets its carbon emissions by an average of 1300% through these partners and uses energy efficient servers to power the web hosting operations.

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