Buy Fair Trade Hot Chocolate

Here at Ecoants we are always seeking to promote fairtrade products and all of the hot chocolate and cocoa powder drinks reviewed below carry fair trade certifications. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Fairtrade Hot Chocolate 1: Cafédirect San Cristobal Drinking Chocolate (1kg)

Cafedirect fairtrade san cristobal hot chocolate

This is a luxurious chocolate drink from the small town of San Cristobal in the Caribbean country, Dominican Republic, which uses both fairtrade cocoa beans and suger cane. With a gorgeous, strong chocolate flavour thanks to it's high cocoa content (40% pure cocoa solids) this produces a superb drinking chocolate for you to enjoy. It can also be used for home baking giving your chocolate cakes and brownies a fantastic flavour.

You can buy this Cafédirect 1kg tub of drinking chocolate here.

You can also buy it in a smaller (250g) size here.

Fairtrade Hot Chocolate 2: Green & Blacks Organic Cocoa Powder (125g)

Green & Blacks Organic Cocoa Powder

This product uses only 100% organic cocoa powder to give a rich chocolate drink from the famous Green & Blacks. The cocoa is sourced from cocoa beans grown in the shade of the rainforest and is bought at a fair price which has earned it the fairtrade mark.
You can buy Green & Blacks organic cocoa powder here...

Fairtrade Hot Chocolate 3: Clipper Instant Organic Drinking Chocolate (400g)

Clipper Instant Organic hot chocolate

This instant hot chocolate drink from Clipper uses both fairtrade certified and organic ingredients to deliver a tasty cup of hot chocolate. It is easy to make and just requires the addition of hot water to the chocolatey paste you make with 3/4 teaspoons of the chocolate powder. You end up with a deliciously smooth and velvety hot chocolate to savour. It is available in two different jar sizes.

You can buy it as a 400g jar of tasty Clipper hot chocolate.

You can also purchase the larger 1kg tub of this organic hot chocolate.

Fairtrade Hot Chocolate 4: Cafédirect São Tomé Luxury Hot Chocolate (300g)

Cafedirect fairtrade Sao Tome luxury hot chocolate

São Tomé is a tiny African island which is known as 'Chocolate Island' because it produces high quality cocoa. This luxury hot chocolate drink from Cafédirect has an intense chocolate taste and is 100% fairtrade. Just add hot water to 3-4 heaped teaspoons and enjoy this gorgeous chocolatey drink at your leisure.
You can buy this tasty Cafédirect instant hot chocolate here.

Fairtrade Hot Chocolate 5: Equal Exchange Organic Cocoa (250g)

Equal Exchange Organic Cocoa

The cocoa used in this rich chocolate drink comes from small hill farms in the Dominican Republic. The cocoa is organically grown and tastes fabulous whether used as a hot drinking chocolate or in home baking. We recommend this fairtrade product from Equal Exchange as great tasting chocolate and it has received positive reviews.
You can buy this delicious fairtrade cocoa drink here.

Fairtrade Hot Chocolate 6: Divine Cocoa

Divine Cocoa

Divine by name...deliciously dark and chocolatey by nature. This fairtrade cocoa originates from small farms in Ghana and tastes great as a hot cocoa drink or used in home cooking. Divine are well known for their high quality chocolate products and this is another of their tempting dark chocolate range.
You can buy Divine cocoa here.

yellow starYou can find an even greater selection of fair trade hot drinking chocolate products here.

When purchasing fair trade certified hot chocolate products, you can be happy in the knowledge that your money is more fairly rewarding those who produce and supply the high quality cocoa that makes such delicious chocolate drinks.