Today's Issues

There are lots of issues that affect our lives, that affect the lives of others, or that will affect the lives of future generations. The idea of this part of the site is to list some of those important and topical issues here and explain more about them, so that you can be more aware and understand better what is happening in the world.

We have attemtped to use language that helps you to understand more about the issue without having to know all of the science and scientific concepts behind it. We do bring a little science into it where necessary. Also, some of what we write is subjective and partially based on our opinion, so please bear that in mind when you read about the important issues here. We aim to help you understand more and then inspire you to take some action.

What issues are discussed here?

Environmental Issues

There are many environmental issues affecting us and our world today. Some make regular appearances in the news, such as climate change (and global warming), whereas others can often be lost in today's media hungry world where information is shared at an incredible rate and stories come and go very quickly. We aim to highlight what we think are the important environmental issues and we hope that this site will help you to gain a better understanding about them and answer some questions you may have. We have written about Global Warming and Climate Change, explaining what they are, how they are linked to each other, the effects they may have, and the problems they could cause.

We have also written about pollution in our world which, sadly, is quite prevalent in many places. This is a general piece which looks at a number of different forms of pollution. You can learn more about pollution types, causes and effects.

Thirdly, we have written about ozone depletion, an environmental issue made famous by some incredible pictures showing what amounted to ahole in the Earth's ozone layer at the south pole in the 1980s. This issue has not gone away, even if it doesn't receive the same media attention as it did back then, and it is important that we continue to be aware of it, as it could have some very serious affects on all living organisms on Earth,

Issues of Poverty and Social Injustice

We discuss poverty and social injustices, looking at some of the reasons why these issues may occur. Poverty is a stubborn blight on our world, which affects many in different ways. We will tend to focus on the more extreme forms of poverty that do sometimes make the news, but then often get neglected by the media as different more newsworthy (in todays world) stories come to light. You can learn more about poverty and then hopefully feel determined to take some form of action.

Other Important Global Issues

There are other global issues though that only receive brief mentions or moments in our news bulletins or newspapers, so another purpose of this site is help to promote those again so that there is greater awareness of what is happening in our world and hopefully encourage some form of response to them. It can be all too easy for these issues to get lost in the wake of up and coming news stories, which only receive attention because the media believes that is what people want to know about.

My Writing Style

Some of you may consider some of the language here intense, but that is because I care passionately about the issues that affect humanity and our world. I don't intend to offend, and sincerely hope that my words do not cause offence, however I do try to persuade and influence by appealing to your human side to learn more about what is happening that we can actually do something about in our everyday lives. I personally hope that the site will help you to learn, cause you to think, and encourage you to act.

What can I do about the issues I have read about here?

Once you have read about some or all of the issues we have written about, there is lots you can do. Depending on your own personal knowledge or experiences, you could help this site develop and add to the knowledge base that is here by contacting us and telling us more. Alternatively if you do not know where to start then why not read our what you CAN do section and take some of the actions listed there. You could go away and learn more about an issue or make more people aware of it. It's entirely up to you what you actually do, but remember every small action you take will make an important contribution to bringing about change for the better in some way, and if you encourage others to make similar commitments to changing their behaviour or becoming more aware of important issues then the pace of the change increases until ultimately a positive response to the issue is achieved.