World Poverty

You know it exists. You generally know where it exists. Do you ever ask yourself why it exists? Do you ever stop to consider how lucky you may be compared to millions of others living in another part of the world. We occasionally get exposed to poverty on television, on the news , in the newspapers or magazines, but then life goes on and it is quite convenient to put to one side (like many other moral issues of our day) and carry on living our own lives, perhaps in the naive belief that there is little we can really do. Pinch yourself for a monent...we live in the 21st can anyone possibly justify the existence of such poverty, starvation, lack of care TODAY in the 21st century?

Poverty is the scourge of the 21st century. It is a very sad reflection on us and our world that we allow fellow human beings, people just like you and me, suffer through starvation, famine and disease in poorer parts of the world whilst some of us live incredibly privileged lives in the richer world. Poverty is not acceptable and there is no excuse for it. This section is not about making you feel guilty about what you have or telling you to do something you don't really want to, nor is it about telling you how to think. It is about opening your mind, making you more aware, both outwardly and inwardly, and hopefully encouraging you to think and ultimately act on something which should no longer be a part of a civilised world. It is easy to shut off natural human emotions to something that is happening on the other side of the world. Children dying through lack of food and water is not something we should be ignoring just becuase it does not directly affect us. It is an issue that we should all be contributing to changing and making the world a better place. There is no place in our world for poverty and social injustices. Surely any rational person would agree with it abd want to do their little bit to changing something which is completely against the good in human nature?

It is easy to take for granted free good-quality education, a clean and always available running water supply, access to excellent healthcare services, relative safety and security in our own homes, no worries about where the next meal will come from, and sometimes spare money to buy things that are not necessities but are nonetheless things we desire to make our lives even more enjoyable. A new mobile phone. A new television. A new car. A new Computer. A new game console. The list is potentially endless. We work hard to be able to enjoy such pleasures and we can justify to ourselves that we have thus earned the right to own such things. Yet in reality we work no harder than those born in the poorer developing countries of our world, and yet many of those living in those countries are lucky to have access to any of even the most basic amenities. This is not a morally fair situation, is it? We are all just human beings after all and therefore surely we are all equal? Maybe you would not agree? Maybe it is something to think about? From president to pauper, we are still all the same inside. We all share different hopes and dreams and we all want to live good, prosperous and relatively long lives. This is something we should all have the chance to achieve, yet for millions and millions of peole in certain parts of the world poverty limits this basic human right to the point where there is a struggle to survive. The inequality gap between the developed world and developing world is ultimately unjustifiable in any terms especially in a world that likes to describe itself as civilised and advanced. We are all equal. Anyone who has a problem believing or understanding this simple concept surely has an ignorant and closed mind and perhaps should consider travelling to those parts of the world where the need is greatest.

Some of us may have donated to charity in reposnse to urgent appeals from charities to help with crisis situations. This is great, but it needs so much more than this in reality, a more sustained and ongoing effort. You only ever see the worst on your television screen, the reports that provide the greatest shock value, but so many more people lack even the basic essentials to live a life that many take for granted in the wealthier parts of the world. Some may have even lived through such poverty. Some may even be living in such poverty. Whatever the situation you find yourself in now if you can do something please think about doing it. There are some ideas of what you can do in the stop poverty section of the site. Please try and sustain your interest and play your part in making our world a better and fairer place to live for all. In reality most of us are fortunate in some way and most of us can DO something. Wouldn't it be great if in the future our descendants referred to us as the generation that changed the world for the better? If we work together, each of us doing what we can, then we can make that positive difference.

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