Trade in and sell your CDs, DVDs and Computer Games

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American residents click here to find out where you can recycle and sell DVDs, CDs and games for cash.

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UK residents read on:

Do you have an unwanted collection of working CDs, DVDs or computer games that you would like to recycle (and receive payment for them) rather than throw away? If you live in the UK , you can receive money for your unwanted CDs, DVDs and video games through a couple of popular websites: Ziffit & Music Magpie. Both are very simple to use and they ensure that good CDs, DVDs, and computer games are re-used rather than wastefully thrown away with the rest of the rubbish. Incredibly thousands and thousands of working CDs, DVDs and games are unnecessarily thrown away each year when there are people out there who actually want them!

How does it work?

Cds, DVDs, games must be in working condition and they must have the original artwork and booklets etc... You just have to enter/scan the barcode number of each item you wish to sell and these sites will then tell you how much they are willing to pay you for your items. If you are happy to continue with the trade, the site tells you how to forward your CDs/DVDs/Games to them. The postage is usually free. Sometimes the site specifies a minimum number of items to trade before you can go ahead. If you have a lot of items to sell you might qualify for a free courier pick up service. Once the site receives your CDs/DVDs/computer games and verifies that they are working and in good condition they will send you your payment. Ziffit pays by cheque, Paypal, bank transfer, or you can donate to a charity; Music Magpie pays by bank transfer, cheque or you can donate to charity. This is a fantastic way to reduce rubbish and you can even earn some money for doing so. It takes just a few minutes to do too and gives you a hassle free way of recycling the CDs, DVDs and computer games that you no longer use or need.

If you did not want to use the above sites, why not try and sell your unwanted CDs on an auction site like Preloved or eBay instead? Either way you will be doing a little something to ensure that there is less waste in the world.