Recycle your cell phone and iPhone for cash

There are several companies and charities that will now help you to recycle your old and unwanted cell phones. Some of these companies will even pay you for recycling your phone with them, which seems an excellent way to encourage people to recycle their cell phones rather than throw them away. Listed below are some companies that will pay you a cash sum if you choose to recycle your cell phone through them. If you have time it is often a good idea to compare what you may receive for recycling your phone with each site. Always read the terms and conditions.

Don't forget that by recycling your cell phones you are helping to reduce pollution as they will not be part of a landfill site. You are also saving on valuable natural resources such as metals that are used to make the millions and millions of mobile phones sold each year. Recyling recovers the metal that has already been extracted from the Earth so that less new metal has to be mined. This therefore also saves energy as less mined metal means less fossil fuels used in the mining and processing of the metal ores. Of course using less fossil fuels means a reduction in carbon emissions which will help in the fight against global warming. Also cell phones contain components which contain harmful chemicals which can leak into land and water-based environments if they are not disposed of appropriately, so recycling them avoids this unnecessary pollution too.

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Note - If you live in the UK, or rest of Europe please click here for suitable websites where you can recycle your mobile phone.


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Gazelle is a good site for recycling not only your unwanted cell phones, but also for a variety of other electronic gadgets. They will quote you a price for the cell phone or gadget you wish to recycle with them and should you accept will send you out a free box for you to return that item back to them in. You need to accurately describe the item that you wish to recycle in order to get a fair quote for it. This site uses both UPS and USPS for its free shipping. It is a great site for helping to ensure that unwanted electronic gadgets are recycled and reused.
If the item you are sending gives you a quote value of $0 you are still able to send it to the site for free so that it may be recycled appropriately.

Obviously, like any such site, the item must be yours to sell to the site and you should refer to the terms and conditions. Payments are made by postal check or by paypal.

iPhones for Cash

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iPhones Into Cash is a site which enables you to recycle your old, used, unused and even broken iPhones with them. You get cash for recycling which is certainly a win-win situation for both you and your environment as these iPhones will be reconditioned and reused by someone else! The process is simple. Select your Apple iPhone on the easy to fill in form on the site and request a free pre paid mailer to send your iPhone to the company. Once they receive your phone and check your iPhone they will send you your cash by check. At the moment they only recycle Apple iPhones. A good site especially for the fact they will pay you something even for broken as well as working phones.


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Money4phones is a very good company for recycling your used and broken iPhones and Blackberry phones. It's a very simple online process to get a quote for your cell, then if you accept this online offer, you will be sent a prepaid mailing kit free of charge. You must return your cell phone with this prepaid mailing kit and, once the site has received your phone and verified its condition, you can expect to receive payment by check or by paypal within a couple of days. The site currently recycles a good number of iPhones and Blackberry cell phone models, and it does not matter if they do not power on or have a cracked screen as you can still get a quote for them!

Cell for Cash

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Cell for Cash is a popular US-based business which will pay you for recycling your old and unwanted cell phones with them. The process is easy to follow. Find your cell phone on the site then request a free postage paid box so that you can send in your unwanted cell phones. Once the site receives these phones you will get your cash. You can also earn extra for referring friends, family or colleagues who go on to recycle their cell phones through the site.

There are some simple but important conditions attached - the cell phone you wish to recycle should power up and be in a working condition and not have significant damage to it. It should not be lost/stolen and the battery should still be part of the phone. You should also include recharger, bluetooth headset and memory card where possible. It is very important that you read the full user agreement of the site before recycling your cell phone with them.

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