Buy Recycled and Recyle Used Printer Ink Cartridges.

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Note - If you live in the USA please click here for suitable websites where you can recycle your ink cartridges.

Millions of ink cartridges are used and thrown away each year when they could easily be recycled. Some of their components are toxic to the environment and plastic takes a very long time to break down. This is all totally unnecessary when there are many places where you can recycle your used ink cartridges. We should all be looking to buy recycled ink cartridges too, especially as the ink from these is good quality and they are usually a lot cheaper than original cartridges. They are often referred to as remanufactured ink cartridges or compatible ink cartridges. We list below sites which we feel offer good value and good quality recycled ink cartridges as well as rewarding programs which encourage you to recycle your used ink cartridges with them.

Ink Cycle

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inklogoIf you live in the UK or rest of the EU, you can buy recycled ink cartridges from Inkcycle. They claim to offer the cheapest ink cartridges in the UK (with a stated price promise) and same day dispatch. They offer compatible, recycled printer cartridges for all the major printer brands. Using recycled printer ink cartridges will help reduce unnecessary land pollution as millions of used and unwanted ink cartridges are disposed of every week by households and business. These not only unnecessarily fill landfill but can cause hazardous environmental problems when their chemical contents leak into their environments. By buying recycled cartridges you are encouraging best business practice and companies to provide efficient recycling programmes of their ink cartridges.

Inkcycle also reward you for sending them your empty printer ink cartridges. The ink cartridges need to be undamaged. In some cases the website will reward you with points which are redeemable against ink cartridge purchases on the site or exchangeable for cash payments. So not only are you helping the environment and reducing pollution by doing this, but this also seems a fair incentive for you to spend a few minutes of your time recycling used printer ink cartridges.

Internet Ink

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Internet Ink are another seller of recycled (remanufactured) ink cartridges of good quality and at very good value. Remanufactured ink cartridges are always cheaper than originals because they are reused cartridges and by purchasing these recycled cartridges you are helping save valuable natural resources and preventing landfill pollution.

Internet Ink also run an ink cartridge recycling programme at their sister site Cash for Cartridges. You can get rewarded with payments, depending on which cartridges you are recycling, they provide a list of acceptable ink cartridges on the site. They do not recycle any of the larger toner cartridges.

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