Recyle Printer Ink Cartridges.

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Note - If you live in the UK or other European country please click here for suitable websites where you can recycle your ink cartridges.

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If you live in the USA you can do your bit for the environment by recycling your used printer ink cartridges with Freecycle. This will save valuable natural resources, it will save energy and also, importantly it will help to reduce pollution as recycling will avoid disposal in landfills and also help avoid damaging or hazardous pollution due to chemicals which can leak into the environment if these cartridges are not disposed of correctly.

Freecycle will pay you for every qualifying used printer ink cartridge that you send to them for recycling which is a great incentive to encourage you to start recycling (please read their guidelines carefully before sending any used cartridges). You could collect cartridges from your family and friends. You could collect and then donate the proceeds to charity or help a school fund, there are many options. Whatever you do, by recycling used ink cartridges you will be helping the environment and helping do a little to giving our world a cleaner and more sustainable future.

It is an easy process recycling with freecycle. You just need to register with the site, then print off the special freepost labels and carefully package and send in your used ink cartridges. You could use an old cardboard box to do this and wrap up your used cartridges in shredded newspaper. The cartridges must arrive undamaged for you to receive payment (by paypal or cheque). This site also offers you the chance to sned in and recycle other things such as mobile phones if you choose to (see site for further information).

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