Trade in and Reycle your iPhone for Cash

The explosion in popularity of the Apple iPhone series has been phenomenal and Apple frequently updates it's iPhone models. If you have an iPhone version that you no longer need, but is in good working condition, you may be able to benefit from the following websites, who provide a recycling service and pay you for your unwanted iPhone. In this way your iPhone is recycled and reused and you earn some cash for doing something environmentally friendly.

The majority of these recycled iPhones will be resold and reused which is clearly beneficial to the environment as it helps to conserve finite natural resources and reduce the energy used to manufacture new phones. You should always be aware of the terms and conditions of any site you choose to recycle your iPhone with.

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American residents click here to find out where you can recycle and sell iPhones for cash in the US.

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Recycle with O2

You do not have to be an O2 customer in order to recycle your iPhone for cash with them. O2 Recycle is a rewarding online recycling service where you can sell your iPhone for payment by bank transfer or cheque, or you can receive a little more by requesting Amazon vouchers. Get a quote from them and find out how much your iPhone is worth. They provide you with a FREEPOST address to send in your iPhone, but you may wish to consider paying for recorded delivery if you receive a good value quote for your phone.
Visit O2 Recycle to get a quote for your iPhone.

Recycle with Money 4 Ur Mobile

Money 4 ur Mobile normally give very competitive offers and rates for recycling your unwanted iPhone. You can visit them here to get a quote for your Apple iPhone. Again, a FREEPOST address is provided to send your iPhone to, and once your iPhone has been received and it's condition verified, you will be paid the following working day either by cheque or bank transfer.
Find out how much you can receive for recycling your iPhone and other gadgets with Money 4 ur Mobile.

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Gazelle is another good site for recycling your iPhone. They will quote you a price for your iPhone and if you are hapy with it, they will send you out a free box for you to send the phone to them. You must accurately describe the condition of your iPhone that you wish to recycle in order to get a fair quote for it. Payments are by postal check or paypal.


Money4phones is a very good company for recycling your used and broken iPhones. Receiving payment for recycling them is a win-win for you and the environment. It's a very easy online process to get a quote for recycling your iPhone. If you accept the offer, you are sent a prepaid mailing kit free of charge in which you must return your iPhone. Upon receipt of your iPhone, the site will check its condition matches your description and then you can expect to receive payment by check or by paypal within a couple of days. It's a nice site and very easy to use.

iPhones for Cash

iPhones Into Cash will pay you to recycle your unwanted and even broken iPhones with them. There is a simple selling process to follow. Choose your Apple iPhone on the form on the site and request a free pre paid mailer to send your iPhone. Once the site receives your iPhone and check it's condition, they will send you your cash by check.

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