Recycle your mobile phone for cash

There are a number of companies and charities that will now help you to recycle your old and unwanted mobile phones. Some of these companies will even pay you for recycling your phone with them, which seems an excellent incentive to encourage people to recycle rather than throw away. We have listed below several reputable mobile phone recycling companies, whom we recommend that you check out and see which gives you the better deal for your mobile phone. Either way, all are well established in this field and you can get rewarded for recycling your phone with them.

Don't forget that by recycling your mobile phones you are helping to reduce pollution as they will not be part of a landfill site, where they would remain for many years as the components do not degrade quickly over time. You are also saving on valuable natural resources such as metals that are used to make the millions and millions of mobile phones sold each year. Recyling reuses or recovers the metal that has already been extracted from the Earth so that less new metal has to be mined. This therefore also saves energy as less mined metal means less fossil fuels used in the mining and processing of the metal ores. Of course using less fossil fuels means a reduction in carbon emissions which will help in the fight against global warming. Also mobile phones contain components which contain harmful chemicals which can leak into land and water-based environments if they are not disposed of carefully, so recycling them avoids this unnecessary pollution too.

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Note - If you live in the USA please click here for suitable websites where you can recycle your mobile phone. phone

Where you can recycle your mobile phone online

As you can see there is a lot of choice available. You can either look at our reviews below or use our simple mobile phone recycling comparison tool which will help you identify which mobile phone recycling website will give you the best deal for the phone you want to recycle. All you have to do is input the model of your phone and it will automatically compare how much you will receive for recycling your phone from many different sites.

Please note: Some of the sites listed will not pay you anything for faulty mobile phones. You must be truthful when entering the working condition of a phone you'd like to trade in order to get an accurate quote from them.

money 4 my mobile Money4myMobile mobile phone recycling - where you can receive payment for your unwanted mobile phone if you recycle it with this company. Learn more about Money4myMobile below.

envirofone - cash for your old mobile Envirofone mobile phone recycling - click here to see how much you could receive for your mobile phone if you recycle it with Envirofone. Or learn more about Envirofone below.
Ireland Irish readers, please use this Envirofone Ireland link here.

Mobile Phone Xchange Mobile Phone Xchange - UK based mobile phone recycling. Recycle your phone and find out how much your phone is worth. Learn more about Mobile Phone Xchange below.

Fonebank mobile phone recycling Fonebank mobile phone recycling - click here to see how much you could receive for your mobile phone if you recycle it with Fonebank. Or learn more about Fonebank below.

Royal Mail Simply Drop Royal Mail's Simply Drop scheme is basically the same as those listed above, but offered from an established household name. Learn more about it here.


Money4myMobile - It is a simple process using this mobile phone recycling website to find out how much your unwanted phone might be worth. You use the site search first to locate your phone and then find out how much the site is willing to pay you for your working phone. If you are happy with the quote you register with the site and they will send you a freepost pack. You then return the mobile phone you are recylcing to them and upon verification their end that your phone is in working order you will be sent a cheque to the agreed value.

A few points: You can choose to send your phone to the company by recorded delivery, which is recommended, especially if it is of a good value - you have to pay the recorded delivery postage fee, but use the address supplied by money4mymobile.
Secondly do check out the site's terms and conditions, which state for example that phones should be complete and in full working order, you will not receive payment for barred/stolen phones. The phone must be returned to the site within 14 days as that is as long as the quote is valid for.


If you live in the UK, Ireland or the Netherlands, Envirofone will pay you for recycling your old and unwanted mobile phones with them. So not only do you help the environment in several ways by not throwing it away in the bin, you can also receive a payment for recycling! It is a win-win situation. Now is your chance to recycle all those old mobile phones that you didn't know what to do with!

It provides you with a freepost address and pack to send your phone to. Note - If you want confirmed recorded delivery though you will have to pay a small fee, recommended by the site for valuable phones and packages. The site will arrange free courier collection for larger packages (see site for further details).

There are some simple conditions attached - the mobile phone you wish to recycle should power up and be in a workable condition and not have significant damage to it. It should not be barred and the battery should still be part of the phone. It also currently needs to be of a UK/European specification and will have to be one of the many phones listed on the site, although you can contact them if you have a phone that is not listed on the site. The site will automatically recycle any phones that are not listed on the site (that they cannot value) and that are over 5 years old. They will even pay you a percentage of phone value for some damaged phones.

UK only

Mobile Phone Xchange are one of the biggest recyclers of mobile phones in the UK and a popular site through which you can recycle your mobile phone and receive some money for doing so. You can return your unwanted mobile phone to their freepost address given on the site or request an addressed envelope from the site during the online recycling process. The site recommends that you obtain a certificate of posting, which does seem sensible if you are sending something of small value through the postal service. The site will pay you by BACS (bank transfer) or cheque, it's up to you which you prefer.

Again as with any site you are using please ensure you read the terms and conditions associated with your transaction. This is another reliable site to use so feel free to compare it with the others listed here to see if you get a reasonable price for your mobile phone that you want to recycle. No stolen or barred phones.

UK only

Fonebank is a UK based business which will also pay you to recycle your unwanted mobile phones with them. It is a simple to use site, reliable and gets your payment to you quickly. They will dispose of mobile phones which have no value too in an environmentally friendly way.

They provide you with a freepost address to which you should send your mobile phone for recycling once you have completed the simple online process. It is advisable to forward your phone to them in a jiffy bag or well-padded envelope to protect it from damage. Like all sites that pay you to recycle your phone with them, they will not accept phones that are stolen or barred. If you have 15 or more phones to recycle you can arrange for free collection of them through the site.

There are also a few important conditions attached and you should certainly familiarise yourself with the site's FAQs if you have not used them before.

UK only

Simply Drop is the mobile phone recycling scheme run by the Royal Mail. It works more or less in the same way as the other schemes detailed above and involves you requesting a freepost envelope from the Royal Mail via their website and then returning your unwanted mobile phone to them in that. Again, if the phone has value they recommend that you pay for special delivery. You must obtain a unique reference number from the site so that your returned phone can be linked to you so that you can be paid. Payment can be made by paypal, postal order or by text message which you show to the post office clerk with some identification. There is also an option to donate your money to charity.
Again, just like the other sites referred to above, please read the site's FAQ and terms and conditions relating to what they will and wont pay you for.

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