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If you have some DVDs, CDs or video games lying around at home that you no longer use or need, and that you are thinking of throwing in the garbage, then wait! You can sell your CDs and DVDs online and get cash for recycling discs that you no longer require. It's amazing how many discs get thrown away each year when many are still in very good and usable condition. It is much better to recycle them rather than throw them away where they end up in landfill and don't biodegrade easily for many years. By recycling and selling your DVDs and CDs you will be doing a little bit to prevent unnecessary land pollution and ensure your unwanted items get used by someone else.

Where to sell your dvds and cds for cash

1) SecondSpin is a great site for recycling and selling your used and unwanted CDs, DVDs, and computer games. You can also buy previously used media from them. It is easy to find out how much you can sell your music, games and DVDs for with SecondSpin. Just enter the UPC codes on the bulk sell form or you can search by keywords (title) of the media you want to sell to the site. You are given quotes for the items you wish to sell and then you can decide whether you wish to go ahead with the trade or not.

Your discs must be in good condition and must include original artwork and inserts. Payment to you is by check, paypal, or store credit, once your items have been received, checked and processed by the site. Finally, you can receive a shipping credit for up to 25 items if you trade in 5 or more items priced $0.25 or higher AND you trade in $10 or more (see site for details). The shipping credit you get depends on how many items you are selling and is added to your account.

Get a quote from SecondSpin and find out how much the CDs, DVDs and games you want to recycle and sell are worth.

2) Sell DVDs Online gives you a simple and easy to use way to sell your discs and games and get paid quickly for doing so. All you have to do is enter the UPC Codes (by the barcode) of all the DVD, CD and video game items you want to sell on the site to find out how much they are willing to pay you for them. If you are selling 10 or more items you will get free shipping. You get to choose which items to sell to the site and can choose how they pay you. The items you sell must be in good working condition.
Get a quote now for your DVDs, CDs and video games.

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