How to Recycle and Sell an unwanted iPod

Apple have been making iPods for many years now and are always improving this popular product giving it more memory, capability and functionality. When you upgrade your iPod what happens to that older device that you no longer use or need? There are websites and businesses that will buy these electronics from you and recycle them, as they are still valuable items and wanted by others around the world. If you have an iPod sitting at home that you no longer use or need, and is still in good working order and condition, then you should consider recycling this iPod with one of the recommended sites below.

Where to sell your iPod?

Find out how much your iPod model is worth with the following iPod recycling sites in the UK and USA. Most of these sites will allow you to recycle or sell your iPod Classic, iPod Touch and iPod Nano models, but not all models are bought for cash. Most of these recycling sites do offer a FREEPOST address, but if your iPod is worth a lot of money then you should definitely consider paying to send it via some kind of recorded postal delivery. Check the iPod recycling sites below to find out how much your iPod may be worth.

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US residents please click here to find out where to sell your iPod.

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UK residents read on and sell your iPods with one of these sites:

O2 Recycle

O2 Recycle offer a very good recycling programme for your iPod which pays you by cheque or bank transfer, and where all the profits from the sale of these used electronics go to their charitable Think Big initiative. You do not have to be on the O2 network to use the scheme. The site is very simple to use and you can get a quote for your iPod model very quickly. Your iPod should be in good condition and working order, although O2 do accept some faults for reduced payment as described in their terms and conditions. A FREEPOST address is provided. Find out how much your iPod is worth when selling it to O2's recycling programme.

Sell an iPod to Gadgets 4 Everyone

Gadgets4Everyone will pay you in cash by bank transfer, by Paypal or by cheque for an iPod you no longer want. It's a simple process to find out how much your iPod might be worth and then sending it to the company using a FREEPOST address provided by them during the transaction. Find out more and get your quote here.

Recycle your iPod with FoneHub

Fone Hub Fone Hub have recently started to buy a small range of unwanted iPod models, specifically some iPod Touch, Nano and Classic models. Like the majority of iPod recycling sites they will provide a FREEPOST address for you to use, although if your iPod is valued highly it may be worth paying for recorded delivery. Payment is by cheque. Find out more and get your quote here.

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BuyMyTronics will pay you for a good range of iPod models, including many of the iPod Touch, Classic, Nano and iPod Shuffle models. They offer free shipping in most cases and pay by check, to your paypal, or to charity. You can get quotes for iPods in both good working condition as well as those which are broken in some way, which you may be offered a small amount for.

Gazelle will help you to recycle or sell your iPod model and will give you shipping for free if it is valued at $1 or more. They deal with a very broad range of iPod products and have a fairly simple process through which you can find out how much they will quote you for your iPod. You receive payment by check, paypal or a choice of gift card options. You can also choose to donate to charity.

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