Sell Your Textbooks

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If you live in the USA you can sell your unwanted textbooks from college and therefore get paid for recycling them! You can free up space in your home by sending your used textbooks to sellbackbooks who will pay you by check or direct deposit if the books are reusable, which means in good condition. The site accepts books which highlighted areas or margin notes for example, but not books with torn pages , and the cover/dust jacket must be intact.

It is easy to recycle your books with the site. You just have to enter the textbook or book ISBN number(s) in the search box and the site will then determine whether they are purchasing your book or not. If they are they will give you a price and then at checkout you will be given a link to a postage paid mailing label, so the site pays for your book postage. Your books must be postmarked within 7 days from the date you submitted your book order in order to guarantee the quoted book price you have been given. If your books are not sent to the site within those 7 days, your order will expire and you'll have to submit a new one.

So if you have any textbooks that you would like to recycle and sell back for possible reuse then click here to find out more and see how much you could get for them.

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