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Solar Lights and Solar Lighting is great for the environment

Solar lights, powered by natural solar power! We can only be enthusiastic about the solar powered lights we have listed and reviewed for you below. There are a variety of lighting options for your home and garden, for your shed and for your patio. Solar powered lighting means no mains electricity is needed, no plugs and no operating costs, therefore saving you money in the long term and helping in our overall goal to reduce pollution.
Solar lights can be very convenient for those areas where there is no immediate access to mains electricity too, giving you essential lighting in places where you did not have it before.

Scroll Glass Eco Lanterns

solar powered eco lantern

These are attractively designed eco lanterns which are solely powered by the sun. The internal batteries are charged during daylight hours through the solar panel on top of the lights and then, once darkness falls, the white LED light inside these solar lights automatically illuminates to give a soft, attractive and artistic light. They are ideal for outdoor use. These lanterns come in a twinpack. You can find out more about them here....

Solar Shed Light

solar shed lights

This is a powerful motion-activated shed light consisting of 36 bright LEDs which are powered by solar energy from an external charger. Overall, it has received excellent ratings for its performance. It can detect movement up to 6 metres away and can be used as a spotlight, path light or security light as well as it's main use as a shed light.
Learn more about this excellent solar shed light here.

Butterfly Lights

solar powered garden butterfly lights

These colourful butterfly solar lights come in a pack of 4 and can make your garden a talking point in the evening. The lights are powered by a separate solar battery station which means you can place your butterfly lights in shady locations with your battery station in the sunshine. The lights are automatically turned on by darkness and when fully charged can give up to 8 hours light. You can learn more about these lights here....

High Power Solar Security Light

solar security light

This is a high power solar security light which has also received some rave reviews. COntaining 45 super bright LEDs, it is designed to give a brightness equivalent to 45W off of the mains. It includes an adjustable sensor for time, distance and lux so you can operate your security to your own specifications. Best of all it is solar powered, connected to the solar panel via a 5metre cable.
This is a superb solar powered security light and you can read more about it here.

Powerbee Superbright Solar Fairy Lights (120 pack)

solar fairy lights

These highly rated solar powered fairy lights are suitable for both indoor and outdoor garden use and can be used all year round. They automatically switch themselves on and off at dusk and dawn and contain bright LEDs to give a stunning display wherever you choose to place them. They have seven user functions so you can set the mood of your lighting making them great for garden parties. The lights are designed to work in the UK winter and their excellent ratings attest to their quality. Two 6 metre strands of 60 lights, other pack sizes are available.
Find out more about these fantastic solar fairy lights and check out their great reviews.

The Sun Jar

solar powered sun jar

Learn more about the colourful sun jar, available in three different subtle colours - orange, blue and pink - on our dedicated page to the sun jar. This is an eco friendly solar light that we like very much and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Visit our sun jar page for more info.

Garden Pathway Posts (4 posts)

solar powered garden pathway posts

A set of four attractive solar powered garden light posts for your garden and path which recharge themselves during the day using the daylight sunshine and then subtly light up your pathway in the evening. They are powered by a separate solar powered battery station which allows your lights to be placed in areas of shade. You can find more information about these solar lights for your garden and pathways here....

Think solar lights...and give them a try!