How to Stop Global Warming

A brief recap: What is Global Warming?

Global warming is said to be primarily caused by the burning of fossil fuels, because these fuels release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere which helps to trap heat in the atmosphere, thereby causing a slow warming effect on Earth. We burn such fossil fuels (e.g. coal, petrol, oil, gas) every second of the day to help produce our electricity, to power our vehicles and aeroplanes, and to produce materials in all manner of industry. Common sense suggests that obvious methods of dealing with this huge issue will include saving energy so less fossil fuels are burned, by changing how our electriciy is sourced and supplied, and also finding different ways to power our vehicles (avoiding the use of fossil fuels). Politicians and business should be playing a very leading role in this, but it seems they are sometimes reluctant to commit to it fully and need a little helping hand from us. So hopefully, with some consumer and voter pressure we can encourage this important change and shift in focus.

Business needs consumers to survive so we, as consumers working together, are in the ideal position to shape the future of business and the directions business takes. Politicians need votes, so again, we as voters are in the prime position to make our feelings known through the ballot box and choose our politicians and leaders. If we don't take advantage of such things and do nothing to stop global warming, the alternative is very likely to be a world in the future unrecognisable from today, and one that our children's children may struggle to cope with. Collectively, as indivuals, we have enormous power, let's use it for the benefit of the wider world.

Actions you can take to help prevent further global warming

Save energy by:

Influence business by:

Influence politicians by:

More informationThe following website give you some more excellent advice and ideas on how to reduce the effects of climate change:

More informationPreventClimateChange gives some practical steps you can take as an employer or consumer to help slow down the effect of climate change.

Please contact us with more ideas and suggestions to help reduce carbon emissions and prevent significant global warming and climate change.