Volunteering Organisations

You can make a contribution to making the world a better place by doing something helpful and useful, whether it be helping to reduce poverty, or working with those less fortunate than yourself, or participating in a conservation programme, or working for a local charity...there is a long list of things a volunteer could do. There really is so much you could do...whether you give your time for just an hour a week, for a month, or for several years! We've listed a few volunteering organisations below to give you a few ideas.


is an established company providing volunteer and work opportunities around the world. Conservation, development, social and English-teaching projects available. If you choose to purchase a volunteer project with i to i, then please do contact us first as we will be able to give you a code to get a reduction on the price.


is an international development charity working to build a fairer world and to eliminate poverty. Actively seeks skilled volunteers for long-term working placements around the world.

People and Places

is an ethical volunteer organisation which seeks to match volunteer skills with community needs in the volunteer projects they help to support around the world.

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